Praying for Ansley

Saturday, March 21, 2009

One year and one day...

Today marks the one year (and one day) mark since I was able to take Maia in my arms forever!! What special memories that I will cherish forever!! It has been a wonderful, special year.

Maia is such a joy. She is full of laughter, and happiness which makes everyone around her smile! Her laughter is contagious. She is incredibly smart, and great at problem solving. If she doesn't know the word for something, believe me, she is able to let us know what she wants... She likes to play and tease, she likes to be chased and will go outside at every chance she gets. She is potty training now and doing so well! I didn't even start her on that, she started herself. :) I'm not sure I'm ready for it yet. She's growing up FAST. :)

She may not know or be able to say all the words to a song, but she's able to carry the tune to the point where I know what she is singing. She can give a one (or so) word answer when I ask her what she wants to sing and chimes in along the way. It is so cute!

I am just so happy Maia is my daughter (for a year now!) and thankful she is part of my wonderful family. There is no doubt she is one of us and meant to be with us. It is so cool. She fits right in. I think she even looks like me a little... dark hair, dark eyes, petite.... we're practically twins! (if you aren't already aware... think davito/schwarzenegger here). but, that makes no difference at all, she is meant to be here, and totally completes us! it's awesome. :)

i thank God for my wonderful daughter and bringing her to me to share life with me and Matthew. I am truly blessed!

Happy Gotcha Day (plus one) Maia!! I LOVE YOU!