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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brusha Brusha Brusha, with your new Ipana

Quick Maia story of the day...

I had just gotten Maia ready for school and we were going to head down the hall to leave the house... I thought I would stop off in the bathroom to grab a tissue. Of course, when I walked in the hall bathroom, Maia followed me. (We have to keep the door closed at all times for obvious reasons...) Anyway, I walked in the bathroom with my back to the hallway as she followed me in. I grabbed a tissue and turned around - and in THAT amount of time, she had gotten Matthew's toothpaste off of the counter (which he leaves TOO close to the edge AND without a lid!) and she had the toothpaste in her mouth and had sucked SO much out of the tube that it was oozing out of her mouth!


This isn't the Taj Mahal of bathrooms... it isn't even a large bathroom - a regular, standard hall bathroom built in the early 80's. I walked in, grabbed a tissue and turned around!

That's my Maia!

Luckily, she was wearing blue and the blue toothpaste was quite a nice accessory with her outfit today. No pictures, use your imaginations!


Kim said...

That very thing could have happened here at our house any given morning! Oh my word Lindsay gets into everything! This week it was a jar of Vaseline that she opened and began sticking her fingers in and then all over everywhere! And you are right, they are soo fast at grabbing just what they shouldn't! Hope we make it through these toddlerhood times! Gotta love it!

Kim said...

That is a very funny story!!! Quick little toddlers, aren't they! Josh did the same thing with Noah's hair gel one morning. I was putting away a towel.

Jen and Marshall said...

Hilarious and adorable!

айжан said...

Your blog is cool, thank you for sharing! Maia is adorable lttle girl,I miss her!
Have a perfect Cristmas with your perfect tree and perfect gilr!

Julian and Sara Yeomans said...

Hi Kristen,

Just checking in. Your perfect tree is still beautiful, white rope and all! Maia is still as cute as can be, toothpaste and all!

I like the new festive blog background. Maybe I will play around with ours....


Cindy said...

They are zippy at 2, I remember that even though my youngest is turning 6 in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately zippy has turned into sneaky at 5/6. I'm glad you recovered from your tree incident. It looks beautiful string and all! It still holds all the love in it selecting it, decorating and even recovering it. Oh My! Have a wonderful holiday with your beautiful children and family. Wow, what a difference 1 year can make in ones life.

Catalina said...

Happy New year! I love your Christmas tree and the decorations! Maia is growing up!!! She is beautiful! Sorry I did not reply to your facebook comment, I will email you our adress. Please send yours too!!