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Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Nap Time, or is it??

Last Saturday, I put Maia down for a nap, as usual. Typically, she will go right in her crib and either fall asleep right away, or play quietly for a few minutes and then fall asleep.

Well, after an hour of hearing her singing and playing in her crib through the monitor... I decided it was time to go in and tell her, IT IS TIME TO TAKE YOUR NAP. Well, I went in and was shocked at what I found! Not only was she wide awake, but she was stark naked! I mean, the sweatshirt was gone, the t-shirt was gone, the pants were gone, the socks were gone AND the diaper was gone.... OH GREAT! Now I surely have to change her clean sheets.... I felt around and didn't feel any accidents, so I put her on her changing table and got her some warm clothes - A ONE PIECE BLANKET SLEEPER. I dread the day she can open zippers.... I'm in NO HURRY (for this exact reason) to really show her! She just looked up at me with the great big grin and was happy as a lark. She was playing with her blankies and animals, and just not sleeping... naked.

Anyway, I checked the crib one more time before putting her back in it... I had missed a section, and indeed, her sheets needed to be changed! Changing crib sheets is NOT easy! I wasn't happy. (Am I the only one who has a hard time with this?) Needless to say, I told her it was NAP TIME and she went right to sleep this time. (She had to be tired! It was late, at day care she would have already been getting up at this point.)

Fast forward a week (or less) to know that she can now open zippers. (She could actually already do her coats/jackets, but I wasn't trying to show her how to do jammies!!) SO, I often now find her in her crib after waking in the morning with her pacifier down her jammies, or her jammeis unzipped and her arms out as she is playing in the crib. It actually makes me laugh, but of course I can't let HER know that! Kids!!!

She is growing up SO much these days. She ASKED for applesauce this morning for breakfast. (Not sure where that idea came from, I'd never given her applesauce for breakfast before! LOL.) Anyway, she had asked a little before we were eating, so when it came time to eat, I said, "Maia, do you want applesauce for breakfast" She said, "No." I asked, "Oh, well what do you want?" She said, "I don't know." I DON'T KNOW?!?!? When did she learn that phrase and when did she start speaking it sentences I understand?? It was really cool.

So, we called my parents so she could say it for them. What did she do, she stared at the phone the whole time we were talking to them and wouldn't repeat it for the world. (Any Brady Bunch lovers out there? Think Cindy Brady on the IQ show where she stared at the red light on the TV camera the entire time. That is Maia any time we make a phone call so she can 'talk'. She just stares at the red light on the phone... So we call her Cindy Brady.) I hope SOMEONE out there knows what I'm talking about!

Anyway - it was so cool to hear I don't Know and each day, she seems to say more and more and more. It is really cool. She DEFINITELY has "No" down.

Thanks for all your advice, in comments and emails! Next time I'll atleast offer water and won't feel guilty about it. I had thought about the fact that I don't always like milk after cereal, but she had drunk it 1,000 times after mini-wheats before, so she can't hate it that much! That's why in the past when she says she's done, and the milk isn't gone, that's fine. And then if she asked for milk, I gave it to her. But since she poured it out, I guess that was the difference, and knowing she had drunk it before after that cereal. Anyway - she has since had some cereal and didn't do that again, yet, so hopefully it will be fewer and farther between going forward.

Alright, I'm in the basement and it's chilly, so I'm headed up to get warm now. Have a great start to the week everyone!


Kim said...

That is funny about her stripping in the bed! I'm sure Lindsay will do that one day. I feel your pain about the crib sheets- they are hard to change for me too!

So cute that she is saying phrases now! Lindsay says "Der it is" all the time for everything now. We all say it too just like she does!

Ha ha ha about the Cindy Brady stare! I totally get it! You are hilarious!

Jennifer M said...

Oh my! That's too cute. And yes, I really dislike changing crib sheets too. I still have a bumper in Gigi's crib so that's what makes it a real struggle.

So cute!

Susan said...

OH MY. i have a feeling i will be dealing with when Leeza gets older too....yikes.

but, i do have something to make your life easier..ZIP SHEETS. they are AWESOME. you put the bottom part on ONE TIME, then, you ZIP the top part on...and unzip to take it off. you change the sheets in like, 3 seconds. It's made my life WAY EASIER.

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

I about died laughing reading this... SO funny!!!!
my girls both went through the same... getting out of their clothes/P.J.'s phases!!!
wow... she's really growing up fast... and I am younger, but LOVED the Brady bunch.. I got it too.. LOVED IT!!

qmiller said...

I also hated changing crib sheets...always awkward, especially when you're hoping to not really wake them up fully! I used the advice that another Kaz mom gave me....suggested buying 3 of the waterproof mattress pads and putting one under each sheet X 3-4 layers. I loved it! At least I only had to take out the mattress intermitently and could strip the top layer off in a matter of seconds. FWIW!
Love the Brady Bunch was a fav, back in the day!! Quaintance