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Monday, July 20, 2009

Great videos

I got to watching some of my favorite videos on YouTube tonight, which of course, always leads to finding even more. As you have time, please watch these if you'd like. Some make me laugh, over and over and over again. Some make me smile. Some make me cry. Some make me think. Some make me do all of the above. Enjoy - let me know your favorite and post a comment with your favorite video link that youc an watch over and over.

(**Also, see below for the update to one of the stories I wrote about yesterday.)
This first video was given to me last year by my sister for my birthday. It means so much to me. Forgetting what I look like after a 24 hour flight with a toddler on a completely packed plane... - enjoy the rest!

This video/song is just so wonderful - watch and I'm sure it will touch you too.

This video is the most watched (supposedly) on You Tube. I laughed and laughed when I saw it. Brings back some memories. Funny!

This video makes me laugh no MATTER what MOOD I might be in... Keep it on hand in case of emergency... :)

Hope you enjoyed them all as much as I do - all for different reasons!!

Tell me your favorite among them - or share one of your own!!


Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing, how sweet of your sister to do that for you it made me cry, the second one did touch me, and the last two hysterical, I cant' believe that baby can laugh for that long.

Regan said...

Hi Kristen!
I love the new look of your blog! Those videos are so funny. Poor Ezra is right! He is blamed for everything around here, too.

Stephanie and Gary said...

What a beautiful video your sister made for you! I loved the photo of your son holding the doll waiting for Maia to arrive and then the photo on the couch of him holding the real deal ;-) What a beautiful photo also, out the window of your son, daughter and a grandpa, i think.
I just found your blog ... what a lovely family!