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Sunday, October 11, 2009

My baby is THREE today!

Happy Birthday Sweet Maia! It is truly amazing that you are three years old today. I met you 20 months ago today... and even that is hard to believe!

You have grown up into a beautiful little girl now - no longer a 'baby' or even a toddler. I see big differences in you in the past month or less - and you are a little lady now! Mommy is sad in some ways that her precious little baby girl is growing up so fast - but at the same time - I love that you are such a beautiful and special little girl! I love you Maia Caroline!!

We celebrated your birthday yesterday at home with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Bobby visiting us. It was a great day and you got lots of nice toys and things that you loved. It was really neat to watch you know what to do with the presents, and after each one you were actually excited and wanted each one opened right then so you could play with it. I'm not sure there is a clear cut favorite yet, you really liked everything!! One of your favorites is definitely the Dora couch you got from Grandma and Grandpa which folds out to a little bed with a blanket zipped into it, so it's like a built in sleeping bag. You love it! You also love your Disney 'boom box' with little CD's you can change out to hear different songs. You love your Princess Back-Pack from Grandma B. You loved the pink bathrobe I gave you - and when you put it on over your party dress, and then laid on the new Dora couch... you looked like royalty in your plush robe, kicked back, relaxing... Quite cute!!

We had yummy cake and ice cream for dessert - you really liked the ice cream the best. You didn't really want the cake on your plate, but prefered to dig your hand into a piece that was left in the cake pan instead...

We also celebrated your Grandma's 65th birthday and your Grandpa's 67th birthday. They let you get most (read... *ALL*) of the attention, but we tried to fix them a dinner they would enjoy, rather than serving Mac'roni and Cheese, as you would have preferred. :) Your Aunt Regan has her birthday tomorrow, and we are sorry we couldn't celebrate all together with her too!

You are still a petite little thing... just now going in to any 2T clothing, some of which is still too large! Your shoes are a size 7 (and you love your shoes - and many hand me down pairs from Kake (as you call her... this is your cousin Kate...)).

You love to be a helper and are actually becoming helpful in some things! It used to be that you would unfold things I had just folded, or take things out of drawers that I had just put away. But now, you carry things to your room or throw things in the trash when I ask you too, and you do a great job!!

You bring joy to our lives and laughter to our days. You awake with energy and happiness I only dream of at that hour of the day! You are a good girl even when I keep you up too late, and you behave so well in stores and restaurants (almost always!). This past week, we went to dinner with some friends of mine and as they dimmed the lights right before we were leaving... you exclaimed with much anxiousness in your voice, in a very high pitch for all to hear... "OH NO MOMMY!! It's gark. Oh no! Mommy! It's gark! Night night Mommy, it's gark!! Oh no... " as you looked upwards towards the lights trying to determine what happened to them!! It was simply precious and has brought a smile to my face MANY times the past 4 days.

You love to watch Dora the Explorer and Go Diege Go. You like the movies the Jungle Book, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story. You like to eat Macaroni and Cheese, and that's about all. (*Not really, but that is by FAR your favorite and something I can get you to eat, without doubt, no matter how many times you've eaten it that day, or week, or month.) You love your school and are busy learning your numbers and colors and shapes. You are learning them more and more each day.

I love you Maia, and I am so lucky to be your Mommy!! You are a special little girl and God blessed me for sure when He let me be your Mommy! Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter to me and sister to Matthew! We love you!

Maia enjoying her day as royalty... plush robe, kicked back on her new love seat...

Mommy and her precious Maia!

I love this picture - she doesn't even see the cake and candles yet, and yet the excited on her face is priceless!

I'm not quite sure what she was doing here... but she had gotten so excited - it's like, talk to the hand, I can't catch my breath I'm laughing so hard!

I can NOT wait for you to give me my plate with ice cream... I'm just going to take a taste from here...

Dig in! Two fisted!!

Looks like she's sipping soup! Nice a lady like...

Now I'll use my fork...

I think it might just be easier to use my fingers...

Full fisted - like Winnie the Pooh!

Even that took too long - maybe just put it straight in my mouth!!

I may eat like a puppy dog... but aren't I am ANGEL mom??? :)

I'm pretty cute too, aren't I Mom? (except if he were actually asking, it would be more like, yo, mmmfffgh, hhhffff, gggghhh, huh?) Lots of mumbling at this age, but I still love him! :)

I think the sugar is kicking in!! Or maybe it's because it's 9:30 at night??? We started to get a LITTLE silly now!


Kim said...

Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed her birthday. Love her smile and cute haircut! I enjoyed reading about how you celebrated her and your family. She is precious!

Julian and Sara said...

Belated Happy Birthday Maia!!!!

You might not realize it or remember the occasion, but you are part of our lives, too. The memories of our meeting are still incredibly vivid. You have become a beautiful lady - you are blossoming.

All the best to you and to your Mum, Kristen (and Grandma, too - we did meet her in Almaty, also).

Lots of love from our side of the border. May your next year but your best one yet.

Sara, Julian & Zoe

Julian and Sara said...

Okay, remove the "belated" from the previous post. It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada - the wine flows - no further explanation forthcoming.

John & Jenny Morgan said...

Happy birthday, Maia! I love the "talk to the hand" picture. She looks so happy! :)

Renee said...

Happy birthday Maia!!! I can't believe that she's three already. She definitely looks like she's loving that cake and ice cream!

Jennifer M said...

Happy birthday Maia! What a sweetheart! I can't believe she's three either already! Are you sure? ;-)

The pictures tell a story of a fun night with lots of laughs and giggles. She looks so happy, and CLEARLY loves her cake and ice cream! What a great smile- actually I suppose it's laughter!

Happy birthday!

Karen said...

Happy belated birthday Maia. I love, love, love celebrating birthdays (anyone's). She's a girl after my own heart. Such a sweetie pie.

Susan said...

Happy day indeed sweet Maia!! I love how much fun she is having. Looks like she had a fantastic day and felt as loved and cherished as she is. :)

She is such a doll!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Maya, so cute!! She is a sweetie, enjoy your beautiful blessing.

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Maia!! I can't believe how big she has gotten! She looks so old LOL!

Congrats to all of you! I love the pictures and am glad that everyone enjoyed their day!