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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

They are Home Forever!

I have had many people come in to my life through the wonderful world of adoption. I have met many of these people only online at this point - but that doesn't make them any less my friends than people who live 2 miles away. One common thread linked us all together, but true friendships have been born out of this amazing process and journey. Keep in mind, this particular family was in this process before I traveled and brought Maia home. Two short weeks from now, Maia and I will have been home for three years... so this sweet family has been waiting for their precious girls as long (longer!) than I have even known Maia. That is incomprehensible to me as I feel like Maia has been in my life FOREVER! Their patience and faithfulness in this process is beyond comparison. Let me just say, I would have given up LONG AGO if I had been dealt any ONE of the 'cards' they were dealt. The deck certainly seemed stacked against them at times, but they perservered, and in the end, their faithfulness has truly paid off, they were DOUBLY blessed! Praise the Lord!

Last night, after three and a half years of being 'in process', the Gobble family arrived home with their beautiful twin daughters from Kazakhstan (who are nearly 4 years old) and reunited with their daughters Brooklyn and Bailey that were waiting in the US for them to all arrive back home. This video brought so many emotions to me that I am nearly speechless. (And that is not easy to do... make me speechless.) I had to pause it multiple times just so I could wipe away the tears and actually see the video. Tears of happiness, joy, relief - all of these come to mind - as this family is finally together, forever! I know all of you who have adopted know the feeling you have when you get to the airport. For those of you who are in the adoption process as we speak, or those who haven't been through it - there are many stages in an adoption - each of which is celebrated. However, for me in my personal experience, as well as watching this video of the Gobble's, I have to say that landing at the airport, and coming through those gaits and seeing friends and family come to greet you is by far the most emotional part. It is as if right then the 'birth' has occurred, and the new life begins. Indescribable joy and relief that the process of adoption/the so called pregnancy part is over, and the new life and living with the new additions at home has begun.

Breaking kids out of the baby house is great! But for me, I was still a LONG way from home at that point. We were still in a foreign land, I was tired of being away from home, and had many long flights to get through with a little one before that whole part was over, we had troubles at our own Embassy, and I still didn't have my entire family together. One of us was still back home waiting for us to get there. So for me, the airport, after 2 months of travel (in a part of Siberia, in winter..., unable to understand the language, missing Matthew!, travel (upset) tummy the last two weeks we were there), and 24 hours of travel (and believe me, this is equally as painful as giving birth... if not more so), was the best, the climax of our story, the end! The airport was the birth to our new life.

SO - I know that is why this video of THEIR homecoming brings such raw emotions to me! The last of those that started this process with me has now FINISHED - and we are all home with our babies... FOREVER!! Praise the Lord! MY adoption is now complete since we are ALL home with our children!!

**Now if my sister and her family could finish up with their adoption from Rwanda... that would really top everything off!! New niece/nephew to love on - I can't wait!!

I don't know if this will touch everyone the same way it has touched me - but this video is second only to the one my sister made for me after I got home with Maia. Please know that you can view this even if you don't 'do' facebook as it is a public page. You can also "like" their page on Facebook and when the whole documentary is ready and additional footage in a few days or weeks, you will be able to view that then there as well. (Of course, I'll try to post that as well at that time.)

Ready for tears of happiness, joy and relief? :) Enjoy...

(The video should be towards the top of the page - The Gobble Homecoming. It is 3 minutes, 32 seconds long.)


Praying for Ansley said...

what in the world? you go on and on about how fabulous this video is, leading us on, and then you can't even get it to LOAD? Puh-leez. How torturous!

kristen said...

why yes, dearest sister... however, you have it slightly wrong. i can't not get it to load... it is copyrighted (or something) and there isn't code with which i can even attempt to load it. so, i had no idea that would be the case when i wrote the post. i thought it would be like any other video. by the time i finished, i wasn't up for re-writing it all with the references to said video! so, i left it as is, and if/when i can get the 'code' to link it, i will. :)

nothing like a sister to put you in your place, eh? btw, dearest sister - you are a friend on FB, are you not? you can easily look there. :) it's not THAT tough. :)

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing the video. I
was in tears by the time the girls ran to meet their new sisters.
Joy to all!