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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Various pictures

How sweet is this? Grandpa, Matthew and Maia going for a walk outside our house.

Grandma reading to Maia. Maia has come a long way since the day we met her and her not even looking at a book then! Now, she'll bring them to us and sit for at least a few pages, if not the whole book. Sometimes, we even re-read the same book twice in a row.

Matthew getting some good snuggle time with Maia. She loves her big brother!

Wow, I have creative and talented friends and family. After getting the wonderful afghan from my brother for Christmas, my friend Kristy knitted this beauty for Maia. It is the perfect crib sized blanket (that I have 'stolen' so far and displayed in my living room!).

Yesterday Maia was introduced to Peanut Butter and Jelly! She actually seemed to love it, but made a couple of funny faces when it seemed the peanut butter was 'thick' in her mouth. (I only have her a rather thin layer so as not to have her get it stuck in her mouth!)

I just love this picture of them together! So cute. I also love Maia in that sweater.


Kim said...

I love that picture of brother and sister!!!

How in the world did you get her interested in books? My Dmitrii has been home for a year (tomorrow) and I still have a hard time getting him to sit for a book.

Kim said...

Oh so good to see pictures AND video! Your children are cute and obviously getting along great! All is good here too- Drew likes the big brother role as Matthew does. Thanks for sharing pics- oh how I wish Lindsay would eat pb&j. I tried and she wouldn't eat it-yet! Doesn't it seem like a lifetime ago when we were in Kaz?
Have a great Mother's Day!

Kristy said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing...and I'm honored to have made the blog. Kristen, it is a good thing I didn't make that blanket any bigger. LOL!