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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beach, Summer Camp and Loneliness

Well, Maia and I went to the beach for 24 hours last weekend. It was crazy, but my sister and her family were going to be there, and I thought if they were within 4 hours... then it was worth a quick trip. Of course, the trip home was 6 hours... but still... Gotta love 95.

Maia took to the beach this time like she's grown up there. I'll attach pictures and you can see... she wasn't at ALL afraid of the sand this time. I did take her a little in the water and although she didn't run for it all day, she wasn't terrified of it either. She loved playing with her cousins too - she had a wonderful time. It was harder on poor old Mom here... I'm not as young as I once was, so this trip after a full week of work, leaving at 6 a.m. Saturday and sitting in traffic for 6 hours Sunday... not a joy trip - but still nice to see the family!
My friend Caroline was in town for a couple of days from L.A. this week. She came over last night to meet Maia... it was great to see her! It had been a year and a half. Judy came over too - we always have an awesome time together. I took some pictures of both of them with Maia - I love the pictures! I'll post some of those too.

Matthew is at Summer Camp with the Boy Scouts this week. I know I am not home alone, Maia is here and of course, that is great, but can I just say how much I MISS Matthew!! i hate it when he is not here!! I hate to say it - but it's so boring without him here! I miss hearing about his day and his stories, and snuggling with him. He's almost 13, so if he heard me say that, I might embarrass him, but Mom here still loves it (and so does he I think!!) Anyway, I'm hoping and praying that he is having good weather and having fun. He'll be back on Saturday - and I can't wait!! I miss him - I'm lonely!! (And I feel really bad saying that since Maia is here, but she can't talk yet!!)
My new job is going so well - I love it!! There are days I'm not busy enough yet, but I'm sure that will change before too long and I'll be longing for a slow day before too long. I miss being with those that are my good friends from my old office - but I'm hoping I'll make some good friends before too long - there are nice people there.
OK, here are some pictures!

Harder to see than I thought... but try to see the sand all over the place!!

Check out her hair and the sand in it!!

Here you can see the sand... too funny!

Judy and Maia - great picture!!

Maia and Caroline! Another great picture!!

OK - the computer is starting to give me fits, so this is all for now... hope you enjoy!


Kim said...

She is growing and still as pretty as ever. Oh the sand- yes it gets EVERYWHERE on these babies! Sounds like a fun trip.
Thanks for sharing the pictures- it really is fun to see how she changes as she grows. Hope Matthew has a blast.

Lanetta Gobble said...

wow... she's grown SO much... such a cutie... I can't believe how much she's changed... such a sweet baby..
Loved the pictures...

Judy said...

She really is the cutest thing EVER! I enjoy being with her.