Praying for Ansley

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Over the weeks and months

Maia then.... Feb. 12, 2008.... Our first real visit with her - she was very quiet this first day and didn't walk and barely made any verbal noises.

Maia now... June 24, 2008. She is so happy, and not only walks, but runs and never stops 'chattering'. It is truly amazing how many strides she's made in not quite 5 months. I love watching her grow and change daily. It's awesome!!


Kim said...

It is truly an amazing transformation and journey! Beautiful Maia! She is thriving with all the love and attention obviously!

Jessica and Chris said...

Wow what a huge change! She is so beautiful! It is so fun to watch her grow - I love the pictures!

Masha said...

I know the first Nasgul-Maia, but unfortunately don't know the second one.Obviously she canged a lot! A good change!

Sam said...

I just read suz and matt's blog and saw their kiddos over the weeks. What a difference Maia has made! It just goes to show you that with love and a great family that the kids can really do well. She's precious!

Jennifer M said...

Oh my gosh!!! She has changed so incredibly much!! Wow. Just wow. She is so beautiful. She was beautiful then too, but now she's radiant.