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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday night

I'm getting tired, so I'm going to hit some bullet points.

1. I can't find the right cable to download some video... why can I find the other 1,052 power cords, download cables except the one I'm ever looking for?? you know murphy, right?? he's my cousin. I call this kristen's law.

2. matthew has gone camping. i've been sleeping with my windows cracked at night and still been too warm at times. tonight, i have the windows closed and i'm still cold inside. i'm wearing long pants, long sleeves and slippers and still have a chill. matthew is outside camping! he claims to love it - more power to him. better him than me.

3. i rented a movie tonight. the bucket list. good movie.

4. maia has finished her first week at the new school. it is awesome and we had a wonderful week. follow your heart and gut everyone! if a situation doesn't seem right (which it didn't before the whole "disinvited to attend" fiasco) trust your instincts and move on. i even ran in to one of maia's teachers last night from the first place and she too has left the daycare - and confirmed the idiocy and incompentancy i thought i was seeing too.

5. it was a crazy busy week at work. our fiscal year has ended and not only are we wrapping things up and getting out financial reports, but we are preparing for the audtiors. oh joy!!

6. maia and i are obviously alone all weekend, and i don't have much planned. so we will have to find some entertainment to fill part of the day. the weather is supposed to be pleasant fall weather. it was in the 80's here all week until today. tomorrow, maybe high 50's... nice, but big changes.

7. my poor parents have caught the cough i had for 3.5 LONG weeks. i am finally over it but it started 4 weeks ago today. mom is like, when will it end?? they've had it about 3 days... I hate to tell them, they've only just begun!

8. i'm going to TRY to go back to titling my posts by movie titles like i did while in kaz. i am going to add in some song titles though, and perhaps an occassional TV show. i'll have to think of a few again to get me going. i probably still have the list of movies mom and i came up with in kaz.

9. I miss Matthew when he's not here, especially when he's gone all weekend! I miss my snuggle time with my 'little guy'.
10. i saw this somewhere else and thought i'd give it a try too.... i am going to do Five Friday Fun Facts.... I will list 5 facts of the day each Friday. So, I'll start the renumbering now for this one:

Fun Facts:
1. I need to buy two toilets, a bathroom faucet and a couple of light fixtures.
2. One of Matthew's nicknames is 'Chew'. Maia says it crystal clear and after he left tonight, she was going around calling "Chew".... "Chew". So cute! She gets sad when he leaves! (Like me!)
3. We bought food for 4 meals for 8 boys for $73.99 (The budget is $10 per boy..) We did OK!! (Of course, I'm not sure how GREAT the food will be, but Matthew assures me that those Cup O Noodles are DELICIOUS when you are camping. Ok.....
4. I filed my 2007 taxes this week... Bring on the refund!
5. I had cocoa puffs for dinner. (sshhh, don't tell the kids!)

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Jennifer M said...

I love the new look! So cute. And great colors.

I hope Matthew has fun!