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Friday, October 24, 2008

Two weeks...

We made it through two weeks in Maia's new day care! Yeah Maia!! This is longer than the other place lasted with her in her new classroom. This new school is so far superior - but I won't go all in to that again... suffice it to say, we are very happy here. The teachers are working with her and she has learned many new things (apparent already!!) She knows how to use 'gentle hands'. The next step, however, is having her know she doesn't have to pummell something BEFORE showing she knows how to use gentle hands... Just use the gentle hands to begin with, little Maia!

She did have one incident - she bit a teacher. Uh...oh. She was frustrated about something she didn't want to do... They told me they told her NO BITING (not, no thank you Maia!) and read her a book about what teeth/mouths are for. She does seem better (so far...) and we have some NO BITING books at home too, and she likes to read them, over and over. I'm teaching her to kiss (my hand, or whatever...) rather than biting. The book also shows that teeth are for eating food, etc. We've gone two days since then without another incident. BUT the most exciting thing is that they gave me a sheet of paper with the guidelines etc... They consider this 'normal, albeit, inappropriate behavior' until the age of THREE. Now, she can't bite every day, but I'm just saying they are not worried about her and certainly not about to kick her out. Yeah!! They are a good school who knows how to work with kids her age and what's appropriate for teaching her about changing her behavior. Not some fluffy stupid Maia No Thank You response when she has no idea what you are talking about! ok... I'll stop.

I've had a week of no sleep. It's getting old. I want to SLEEP. Let's hope it's tonight... my eyes are burning they are so tired.

Tomorrow I have the plumber coming to install some new toilets, a new faucet and fix a leaky faucet in the kids bathroom. I look forward to having this work behind me. It'll be nice.

I hope to take some new pictures this weekend and get some posted. I am still looking for the blasted cord to download some video.... Stay tuned!

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Kim said...

Love love love the new look to your blog! Yea for Maia & her new school! Sounds like her new teachers have it together more than those others! Of course biting is to be expected at this age- how else are they going to learn not to bite? Love the "gentle hands" approach. Lindsay needs to learn that with our poor beagle! He puts up with alot of poking from her. Hope you get some sleep soon!