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Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12, 2008 - 2010

Another two year anniversary. This day, two years ago, I got to spend my first hour with Maia at the baby house. I was with her from 11-12 that day. She did a lot of looking at me that day, and feeling my face... I remember that well!

I just re-watched the video that my sister made for me with those first precious pictures, as well as our homecoming in April. I cry every.single.time. i watch it... and I'm not typically a crier! (Although the older I get, the easier it seems to be!) :) It brings back such memories, on so many levels.

Here are a few pictures from that first visit:

She kept staring at me, and had a very tight grip on me, as you can see in this last picture where she is holding my sweater and would not let go.

Now this is Maia today... two years later.


Opening her Valentine's from school (they made Bee card holders...) She was proud!

Lastly tonight, she didn't want to go to bed... so she pretended to fall asleep in the chair:

And lastly, the video my sister made that I just have to share again... :P Great memories! Just listen to the lyrics to this first song... amazing. So true - so hard.

Lastly, as I watch this again... I am thinking of my sister and her family as they wait for the news to go bring their newest baby(ies) home! Many friends are also in that time of waiting - which is SO SO hard. Years later, this song talking which talks about waiting, and waiting still makes me remember how hard those days and nights were waiting for my Maia!! I thank God for bringing home so many children so far, and pray even harder for those still waiting to meet and bring home their children forever! Hug those home all the harder for those still waiting!

One last video of my sister's family tonight as they got snow in the deep south!! I'm tired of the blizzards here, we'll have snow until April, but look at the pure joy on these precious children's faces and listen to the excitement in their voices! How cool!


Vanessa said...

Happy second family day!!

Renee said...

This is so great. I really enjoyed watching your adoption video again! I didn't think I could be more excited to leave Thursday but I think I am! Maia is just so precious! You are truly blessed.

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

I am a crier... especially more so the last few months.. but, I've always been a crier... so I knew better than to watch it yet again.. (for the 73 time.. ;)) but, I did.. and now I have NO mascera.. I always do fine, until the airport... and you hugging Matt..whew... and thanks for the shout out to all of us STILL waiting.... :) encouragement that is much needed... thanks so much... Maia is growing so much.. wow.. it's really incredible!! Love and hugs.. Lanetta