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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Saturday - Spring?

Reasons it must be spring now, despite the cool, dreary day.

1. We didn't get two feet of snow today. We got two inches of rain.

2. The time changes tonight - more nighttime hours! Yeah!

3. I did some spring cleaning today - including putting my heavy/winter sweaters away. (Of course, it is still March in Washington, so I had to keep some of the lighter cotton ones out.)

4. Maia and Matthew went outside to play. Maia came in COVERED in mud. A month ago, if she played in the yard, she was buried in snow.

Matthew was supposed to go camping this weekend with the Scouts but it got cancelled due to the rain.

Maia is growing up so much! I can understand 99.9% of what she says now. It's so much easier that way! She is doing well with potty training. Not 99.9%, but doing well. That will make life easier too! Right now the hardest part is being out and about and being able to take her somewhere. One, we don't always get there fast enough - but more importantly, she won't sit on a 'big' potty without a converter seat (for little kid heineys). So, that is hard! I don't always want to put her in a pullup when we go out - but what else am I supposed to do if she won't go potty at a store, for example? She calls her Underwear/panties/underpants = Wear wear. I want to wear my wear wear Mommy.

There are some things I don't let her do/eat. No popcorn. No gum. I tell her when she gets bigger, she can have popcorn. We recently added gum to that list. Sometimes, out of the blue, she just says, "When I get bigger, I have Popcorn. Gum." She must think about it all the time - she says it a lot!

She is really in to books these days! Such a change from when I met her. Her attention span is so improved and she can read and read and read.

She loves to play outside. She loves to play in water, in the sink. She is terrified of FUZZ. So, when she takes a bath, and little sock fuzz (or whatever) is floating in the water, she just goes berzerk! Bathtime isn't always fun anymore - that's for sure. I just thought of an idea though, since the other day when I washed her hair (and the bubbles went in the water) - she then forgot about the fuzz. SO, we're going to have bubble baths going forward so that we forget about the fuzz before the bath even starts!

Whenever she wants to put on make-up (Because she sees mine or sees me putting it on), or do her hair, or wear a dress, she says she wants to be a Princess. She always want to be a Princess!

She sings all the time now. She'll just break out in a song and after a few bars, I'll recognize it. She is QUITE proud when I name the song- the grin on her face is priceless. Very proud of herself for singing something I understand. When I start to 'sing', Maia says, "No Mommy, I sing by myself (or I sing self.)"

Maia likes to play hide and seek. One time she played when we didn't even realize it. It took us a while to find her - she was hiding in her dark room, in the dark closet - waiting for us to find her! Makes me laugh!

The other night I asked Matthew to do something. He replied, three more minutes. Wouldn't you know, a few minutes later, I asked Maia to do something. You want to take ONE guess at her reply? Yup, three more minutes Mommy. I do it in three minutes.

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Renee said...

Wow, she sounds like such a sweetheart! It's so great to read how well she is doing.

I was glad to read the part about the books. It's obvious that Sora never had any books read to her. She doesn't like them and all and won't sit to read for even a second. The only way I can read to her is when she's drinking her bottle. I hope she'll be like Maia when she gets older!