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Sunday, April 13, 2008

First week home

We have been home a total of 11 days and a few hours. After the last 11 days seemingly taking forever in Kazakhstan, it is amazing how quickly these 11 days have gone!

We have been busy and having a great time. Maia has adjusted better than I could ever have even imagined! The first day we were home, she went to sleep at bed time (her normal time) and slept through the night. She hasn't missed a nights sleep, or even a nap since! I mean, I think that is pretty unheard of. She did miss one nap actually after playing in her crib for an hour - she started to cry and I realized (about 45 minutes later) that she was in pain from teething. So, she had a much shorter nap after the Motrin kicked in, but she still got the nap eventually.

She likes all sorts of foods. The one thing she doesn't seem to love (at least not every time it is served) is meat. Now, maybe she likes some kinds, but yesterday I gave her a bite of a hamburger and she spit it out, and tonight, we had Pork Tenderloin and she spit that out too... and then threw some on the floor.... I put an end to THAT - I hate food going on the floor! So, I had to take deparate measures - I put a piece of meat on a spoon with some applesauce and she ate it right up. I got away with it, this time, I wonder how much longer that will happen?? Maybe she just wants some horse meat....

She knows how to roam the house now. She goes from her room, to Matthew's room, down the hall to my sitting room and the living room, dining room and kitchen. She still picks up specs of dust, but less often than before as there is more to keep her entertained. Our laptops do intrigue her. She likes to close them... so you better have saved anything you were working on! She still enjoys her bathtime but does not like water pouring on her head... but at least she doesn't cry anymore. I do close the bathroom doors now because even though I was only like 5 steps behind her today, when I got in the bathroom, she was trying to climb in to the tub, WITH all of her clothes on... Now, since she slips in the tub a lot (finally got a mat in there today!) - I wasn't too keen on having her climb over the side of the tub all by herself.

She is very adventerous and daring - and falls a good bit, but almost never cries. She can fall and clunk her head, and she really doesn't cry... although she is starting to. She looks around to see if I'm there, and if I am, she rubs her head and makes a sad face... so I pick her up and shower her with kisses and give her lots of hugs. She has mastered the stairs in my step down living room (one stair). She figured it out without me even showing her the stair was there. She can climb up (in a walking position) and going down she can if she holds on to something. Sometimes, she still 'crawls' down the stair. That really amazed me!

This past week we had lots of fun running errands. Now, the first one, was taking Matthew to an appointment. First real ride in the car seat... she didn't like it one bit! In fact, as soon as we hit the highway, she was trying to climb out of the straps (and since I had them set too large, she probably could have!) She cried for a good portion of that trip, until she fell asleep in the car seat coming home. Each day I've taken her somewhere and she's gotten a little more used to it. Only occassionally does she cry when I put her in it at this point. (But when she does, WOW, that IS a struggle to get her in... she's strong!) We also went to have her feet measured and be sure to buy her shoes that FIT! I couldn't resist, so I bought two pairs. One white pair of Mary Jane's and a pair of Nike sneakers with Fushia Nike swishes (or whatever they are called). We went to the second hand store and bought a few age appropriate toys. Then we went to Babies R Us because I couldn't live without a new Pack and Play. I got out the one that was Matthew's, but it has seen better days - and I didn't feel like it would keep her if she tried to get out. (The sides really wouldn't stay locked until the slightest force.) So, I bought a great new Pack and Play and it helps immensely when I am home alone. I don't like to leave her long, but sometimes it is just a necessity for a few minutes for various reasons! Then, on the way home - I stopped and got her her first Happy Meal. She fell asleep in the car though - so wasn't overly interested. I learned though, that what she didn't like was the breading on the chicken nuggets. So, I took that off and she ate the nuggets and all the fries... uh-oh. Maybe I should have waited a little longer! :) Then, she took a nap to sleep off the carbs.

On Wednesday, we went to Matthew's school for an appointment then we went to the Post Office. It was a very pretty day (finally!) and we went for a walk in the woods (trail next to our house) in her stroller. She loved it.

On Thursday, we visited my office and the people there and then went to lunch with my great friend, Judy. She bought Maia a cute little toy truck for her to play with. It was great to have lunch with her again!! It had been too long! The weather was nice again on Thursday, so while Maia napped, I was able to sit on the deck on my swing and enjoy the GORGEOUS afternoon. As soon as she woke up, we went for a walk in the woods again, this time with Matthew. We all had a wonderful time!

On Friday, Maia and I went to the grocery store. She doesn't like her car seat, but she LOVES riding in the cart at the grocery store!! We bought all sorts of things - it was fun! My parents got back in town that afternoon and Mom watched Maia while I had an appointment in the afternoon. Then, Friday night, Matthew, Maia and I went to a new Small Group with some old friends. It was great to see everyone and be involved in a new group and have everyone meet Maia. We really enjoyed it!

Saturday, Matthew, Maia and I went to Target to get a present for Matthew's cousin. Then, we all headed to that party (about an hour away). It was with all my 'ex'- family, but we are all still very close and Matthew loves to see them too (which he also does with his dad). We had a wonderful time - and Maia got to meet 'the other half' of the family' - LOL. We've got their last name, afterall!! Matthew's dad, and his wife and son were there as well. Their son, Evan, is only 4 days younger than Maia, so it was neat to see them together. I got some pictures of Matthew with his sister, Maia and his brother, Evan. I'm going to frame it and put it in his room. It's awesome! It's funny to see them side by side. Evan is a much larger child than Maia. He is also happier to sit and relax while Maia is ON THE GO. He's a less picky eater, although Maia seems to eat a lot, there are things she won't eat either. He likes it all. I think some of that is because he's 'been here' longer and had more time to be introduced to more things. I can't introduce her to everything the first week we are home - so I'm taking the food introductions slowly. Evan did share a Fig Newton with her - I don't know if she ate it though! I was so busy talking to everyone I forgot to watch the whole process.

So, it's getting late on Sunday night and I've probably forotten something - but I did learn fairly early in the week that I need/want to get out at least SOMEWHERE each day. One small, short errand at least. It breaks up the day and gives me a reason not to bum around in my sweats all day! I hate doing that and yet I do it all the time if I'm not going anywhere. But - I think I have downloaded all my pictures now - so I'm going to try to post something at least!
Mom (me!) wanted french toast for my first breakfast home - so I made it for the whole crowd! Everyone had some (not sure how much bread I went through, and we ran out of eggs, but we all got some...) So, here is Maia's first french toast breakfast. The first of many, to be sure. (In fact, we had it again today, but no picture today!) She loves it as much as both Matthew and I do - yeah! (And she's better than us, because she's eating it without syrup at this point.)

The picture above is my brother, Bobby with Maia. Maia was so taken with him - and he carried her around all day. I wonder if his arm has recovered yet??

I promise to post more pictures soon, but for now, my contacts are literally falling out of my eyes, and I need to go to bed. I will be back - sooner rather than later. :)


Kim said...

Oh she's adorable! Just checking the blog while Lindsay takes her morning nap! Then I better shower qickly! They sound so similar in many ways(car-seat issues, picky eater, investigating every part of the house!)
So glad it's going well for us both! Praise the Lord!

Jennifer M said...

Yay, you're back in blog land!! I've missed you, but I know how fun the first week back home is. :-)

All the stories are wonderful and it sounds like Maia took the speed mobility class- crawling to taking on stairs in 3 months! Impressive! Just goes to show what some good old fashioned TLC will do for development.

Can't wait to see more pics!

Jessica and Chris said...

We love to hear updates and am so glad that all is well. She is so adorable I could just squeeze her picture!


Lanetta Gobble said...

Love the updates... she's ADORABLE!!!