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Monday, April 14, 2008

Pictures say it all

We knew it was time to leave (Petro) when Maia climbed in to my suitcase and said, "Let's go Momma!"

So, we left....

After about an hour of climbing all over me and anywhere she could get... she'd had enough. It was time for a nap!

We rather wish to forget most of our time in Almaty... and didn't take many pictures. (There were two highlights in Almaty... meeting up with some lovely families and their new children and getting to hear their stories.... Also, the gorgeous weather while we were there...) But, as I said, we forgot to take many pictures in Almaty... SO, fast forward to HOME!!

Having fun time with Aunt Regan, Caleb and Kate:

Now, she's having fun with Marie and Larry Boy:

Mommy took Maia in to wake up her big brother, Matthew. He took it well, THIS TIME. :) It actually looks like Maia needs a little more sleep in this picture!

I got a beautiful PINK hydrangea from my good friend Judy to welcome us home, as well as congratulate us on our newest blessing, Maia. (Pink for a GIRL, of course!) It is still a gorgeous plant - and it came with the cutest stuffed Bunny. (Although I forgot to take a picture of that.) Very nice - and pretty! Thanks Judy!

Grandpa with all his grandsons: Matthew, Caleb and Ezra. They have fun together and can't wait until Ezra is old enough to go fishing with them!

The only other thing to add today, since I wrote yesterday, is that I fed Maia oatmeal this morning (one of her favorites). About half way through, I put a good sized spoonful in her mouth, and almost immediately, she sneezed... twice!! (She always sneezes twice in a row). So, needless to say oatmeal went everywhere!! I thought it was hysterical. I did not take time to get the camera out though, I simply starting cleaning it up. That's the 'funny ha ha' for today! Have a great Monday.


Trudi said...

It sounds like things are settling into a new normal for you! Loved the big brother "not too sure about this" look from Matthew when Maia woke him up......too cute.
As for Maia not liking meat - maybe you have a little vegetarian on your hands? I have nieces and friends' children who never wanted meat and stuck to it from infanthood to teens (where they are now) Ya never know! :)

Lynn said...

I can't believe how easy the transition has been for all of you! I guess this was truly menat to be. I love reading your updates.

Masha said...

Dear friends! You are far away now but it's so good that there is a possibility to follow how you all are doing there. I'm so happy to see Maia with all her new relatives and enjoying her new life!

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

We have the same shot of Josh in the suitcase! :)

Catalina said...

picture really say it all! So happy to see Maia at home, she looks so happy and well adjusted! I cant wait to meet our kids to bring them home too!

Cindy said...

I really enjoyed these last 2 updates! All the pictures are great. I'm so glad that Maia has settled right in and is running the show just like most toddlers her age.

Kim said...

Those pictures on the plane are awesome!