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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh... kids!

I have to share this story. It may be TMI, but when we're talking about a one year old, I don't think so... now if it were about an adult. then it would be!! Enjoy it for what it is... a cute story about Maia that made me laugh!
Tonight, Matthew was at his dad's house, so Maia and I were solo for the evening. We got home and were both hungry, so we ate dinner first. She ate like a champ! After the main meal, I gave her some yogurt (which she loves) and some couscous.... not the easiest thing to eat for a little one. Well, first picture that Maia often eats yogurt like Winnie the Pooh. While she holds a spoon in one of her hands, she dips her fingers, up to the second knuckle in to her yogurt. She then puts her hand/fingers in her mouth, as if they were one, up to atleast the second knuckle, or beyond. Anyway, add the couscous to this and MAN did we have a mess tonight. Usually, I don't like her to make a mess with her food, and I probably don't let her make enough mess on most occassions, but tonight, I thought it was cute! I also knew my plans of watering the flowers and letting her take a 'bath' in the water/hose outside. So, make a mess Maia! When it was time, we headed on the deck to water the droopy flowers.
After lifting her leg like a puppy dog to get it wet initially, she decided she was more brave tonight, so she walked full body in to the streaming water. Cute enough, but there's more! Then, although she resists water in her face come bath time, she was walking FACE FIRST in to the streaming water and standing there, smiling and loving it. When I would try to redirect the water off her face and say on her hair, she would raise her head higher so her face would get the stream again. But wait, there's MORE!
So, a while later, the flowers were watered and it was getting late... especially since she took a full 30 minute nap tonight... 3o minutes!! She was getting tired... SO, I got the shampoo and a towel and did indeed give her her 'shower' on the deck. I took off the onesie and diaper she had been wearing up until this point, and started to spray her chest again so the water would stream down over the lower parts of her body... For the first time ever, she took hold and control of the hose/nozzle and directed the water flow to her newly exposed diaper area, and just smiled and laughed!! It was like a Jacuzzi for little kids! She was just holding the hose and laughing her little head off - getting herself quite clean! LOL.
So, I decided to have her turn around so I could get some water on her backside as well. Well, at first, she ran away as I was spraying her back... Then she realized what I was doing, and like a Mack truck beeping as it's in reverse, she backed up with her heiney slightly leading the way - putting it right in the line of the streaming water.... I just couldn't stop laughing after that. I was trying to control myself though, so I covered my mouth with her towel and she new EXACTLY what I was doing. She covered her mouth with her hand and laughed and laughed and laughed.
Needless to say, this was the easiest 'bath' I've ever given her. I've decided two things.
1. Maybe she should skip straight to showers.
2. Maybe I need to get a Jacuzzi?
Either way, I think she's be perfectly happy during bathtime going forward. LOL. One can hope! Maybe next time we have an outside shower, Matthew will be home and we can actually get some video of this funny stuff. I'll never forget this though - I'm still smiling!


Jennifer M said...

Very cute! I can just picture it! :-)

Kim said...

Isn't it fun to watch Maia's joy. I so enjoy when Lindsay gets her deep chuckle going on!
Maybe you should go straight to the shower!
Cute story- thanks for the laugh!

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

loved the story... how cute!!! I bet it was so funny...

have a great weekend...