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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I love long weekends

Yeah, it's Sunday night but I'm not sad - I have one day left! :)

This weekend has been great so far. Yesterday, I had 'spring cleaning' on my mind - (which I always do again in the fall.) So, I woke up wanting to start in my kitchen. It had really gotten out of hand. So, I got up to clean it up and put away groceries that never made it to the pantry, and mail that never got sorted, etc... But then I saw them. The ANTS. These are a recurring problem in this house. I love my house, but the ants kill me. I had an any problem only once in my old house in 10 years... and once I got rid of them, that was it! Here, I get rid of them and they find another crack in the grout between tiles to come through. It is ANNOYING. The tiniest of crumbs can attract them - and by them, I mean LOTS OF THEM. So, I removed everything from my counters and sprayed every crack in the grout. Then I decided, I needed to go buy some caulk and cover up and of the openings where they could get in, at least around the counters.

Side note - someone who owned this house before me installed tiled counters and backsplash. I can tell they never sealed it because the grout is stained and you can also tell they weren't pros because a lot of the grout is falling apart. A kitchen remodel was pretty high priority when I bought this house, it is a hideous kitchen. However, the adoption changed my plans so the kitchen is on a very long hold. I have to deal with the ugly kitchen - the cupboards still hold my dishes afterall...

Anyway, we went and bought caulk and I caulked most of the kitchen, there are a few parts that I couldn't get to yet, but I will. I'm gonna do my part to get rid of these suckers. I do pay for a pest service, but I swear, the home remedy ant killer works better - and longer, than the stuff they spray.

It's also heading towards fall, and the next on the pest agenda... MICE. Gotta love living near the woods... I get all sorts of things in here. Ants, mice, SNAKES. Yes, I've had a snake in my house before. Gotta love it!

I got out the old Play Hut that Matthew used to play with for Maia. She LOVES it. She played it in all day - and at one point, took her Dora chair in there to make a comfy home! She put the chair in the corner. then she took part of the paper in there and read it! It was classic. I was too busy watching her to go get a camera, but maybe next time! It was great! So cute!!

Tomorrow we plan to go to the pool one last time for the season. It is supposed to be nice weather. Maybe I'll get some pictures there.

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