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Sunday, August 3, 2008

What a lovely day!

It was just a 'normal' weekend - but what a nice day today was!

First of all, I have to say, I had a bad Saturday - I waited what seemed like forever for Matthew to come home and then when I have both kids home with me, I have to go and get in a bad mood. Why do I squander days off from work and time with my kids in a bad mood? How stupid!! No one did anything wrong, and I don't really know what the problem was, but as the mood continued, I made it worse by feeling guilty. What a dumb day and a waste of a Saturday with my kids! I hate it when I'm like that and really WANTED to stop the MOOD from invading, but it just wasn't budging most of the day. Bah - humbug.

Now, we still did some things - got some school supplies and then went to Target and just looked around a bit. Then it was home for Maia's nap, but after her nap, we went to a local outdoor market. We were hoping she could run through the fountain/sprinkler, but they were having an outdoor concert, so the fountains weren't on. We ate some dinner and then walked over to a store we like. I bought some bird food that the squirrels won't eat! Then we could tell it might rain - it was looking rather ominous - but Matthew really wanted to go to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. So we walked back over to the other side of the square and stood in line for some delicious ice cream. We were expecting to eat outside, but NO - it started to POUR and was really lightening a lot!! So, we were stuck inside, a bit after the ice cream was gone even. Then we walked back to the car and went home. It was about 8 pm now. This should tell you a little about my day - I FORGOT to wear SHOES when we went to the market. How you ask, I don't know!! But I did. It is an outdoor thing though and for the most part I didn't feel too bad. I will say though, that Matthew shared his VT flipflops with me because I thought it was more appropriate for a child to be barefoot than a grown woman (when her children were both wearing shoes!!) He graciously shared with me! :)

The exciting news yesterday was the Matthew became a big brother, AGAIN. His dad had another baby yesterday, this time a little girl. Matthew got to meet her today and spent some time with his dad and his brother, Evan, too. His new sister is Paige. Here he is meeting her when she was just about 24 hours old.

He really enjoyed meeting her and will go spend a couple days this week with all of them when they get home. Maybe Wednesday and Thursday.

Maia and I had a nice day today too - we ran more errands in the morning and came home for lunch. Then she had her nap and I caught up on some much overdue 'things'. (Embarrassingly, some very belated thank yous... for one.) It was a GORGEOUS day out, I even have a few windows open. It wasn't humid and there was a lovely breeze all day long. It will be really hot again this week, so I enjoyed this respit while I could. There was a hint of fall in the air this morning, and with football on the TV at this moment.... I'd say we are getting close!! School starts in one month for us - so we know we're getting closer!! First, we have to have a teenage birthday party at the end of August! Wow.... I can't talk about that yet!

I'm glad the weekend ended with the better of the two days... I just wish I had enjoyed Saturday more than I did. Next weekend I'll be in Utah (for work) and I think, in a way, that made me sad too, knowing that I wanted this weekend to be perfect (whatever that means!) since Matthew wasn't here last weekend, and he'll be gone some this week, and I'll be gone next weekend - it's a summer of transitions - he's getting a lot older and active, and I try to really enjoy the times I do have and I think I just put too much pressure to make it the perfect day, or whatever, and then I feel bad when it's just a normal day. Anyway, I don't know if this makes sense or not, but I wish I had had two Sundays, and I could forget about Saturday. Moving on....

The laundry is done and the new week is beginning. My parents will arrive Friday to watch the kids for me while I go to Utah. I'll be home Tuesday. I am excited to see those gorgeous mountains in Utah, but as I said, will be sad to leave the kids. I hope the trip is a good one, and an easy flight!

Tonight is the finale of Design Star - can't wait!! Gotta get ready for it - so I'll talk to you all later! :) Have a great week!

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