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Monday, September 8, 2008

Colds stink!! or do they??...

well, i think maia has a cold. i thought it was allergies, but i don't think so anymore. today was the first time she was actually cranky since i've known her!! but the sad thing is, when i realized that she was cranky, i was overly sugary sweet (more than my usual sweet self!! ha ha) why did it take an illness to be SO nice?? anyway, despite her crankiness, she became the happiest little thing. i'm guessing the meds helped a little too.... but it does go to show that a little extra attention and a softer voice goes a long way too.

she was snuggly and is SO in to reading now that we had some lovely moments before bedtime. i was going to put her to bed early, but she fussed (VERY unlike her!!) when i made the move to put her to bed. so i caved in, and dragged out the goodnights tonight, for about 30-45 minutes!! we said our prayers, i sang (yes, I sang!) and then we read a couple of books. she had no problem going to bed after that and that was the BEST yet snuggling - awesome. she was more than ready for bed by the time i decided to put her there, but at that point i could have sat with her for a lot longer and snuggled!

i'm glad she's so interested in reading now. she liked flipping through books before, and turning pages, but now she actually SEES the pictures and points and says... something... LOL.

In fact, one of the books we're reading is from Kazakhstan and it is in Russian, so we just look at those pictures and make up our own story. It's her favorite book right now, and we have no idea what it's saying! oh well. it's still fun! :)

school continues to go well, so far! week two begins. let's hope it continues as well as it's started.

that's all for tonight, i have a kitchen to clean and then i need to watch some football, and then i need to get some sleep before that stinkin' 4:50 a.m. alarm!!

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Christine said...

Glad to hear that you were able to comfort her. :)