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Monday, September 1, 2008

Is it possible? Time flies!

I can't believe the 3 day weekend is over! I can't believe SUMMER is over!! It flew by for us! Can you believe tomorrow marks the FIFTH MONTH since I arrived home with Maia for good?? FIVE MONTHS?? No wonder she is changing so much - she's growing up FAST. Good grief! I have now known her almost almost seven months. That's a LONG time, especially for little ones and their development. Amazing. I can't think about how much time has passed too much, or I get sad. But we're having such a wonderful time, I can' truly say these months have been amazing.

I'm sad summer is over, it's such a carefree time. However, I'm ready for more structure and routine for a while. I can't believe Matthew is starting 8th grade tomorrow. 8th grade!! How is that possible? He is all set with his supplies and schedule and gear for tomorrow. He did it almost all himself. He's growing up. It only took occassional prompting...

Today was a glorious day with the kids and getting a few things accomplished around the house. We did go to the pool and enjoyed that a lot!! I wish it were open a few more weekends. It was PACKED today.

Well, with so much to ponder and wonder about, I'm headed to bed. The coffee pot is set to brew at 5:15, so I'd best try to get some sleep, NOW. (I'll be lucky if I'm actually asleep by 11:00.)

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Jennifer M said...

I hope Matthew had a great first day of school!