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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cold November Day

I wanted to post a few pictures from today. First, I dressed her in one of my favorite dresses (it's too small, but we were home today, so it doesn't matter!) It actually fits well except its like a mini-dress. :) Then I put her in some tights and the boots I gave her for her birthday.

My silly connection isn't letting me upload any more (we've just reset it 3 times in a row, so we're giving up!! - so check out Shutterfly site (listed below) to see more pictures from today. The ones in the woods are what backs up to my house and we have a nice walking path. It is very windy today, so I covered Maia up with a blanket in addition to her coat and hat and mittens. There are a couple of white trees against the dark grey sky that are just beautiful. The last shot is the one closest to home where you can see the house through the woods - it's just so pretty! I love it! I get the benefit of the beautiful woods without having to rake ALL those leaves. (We have our share, but not THAT many.) Enjoy the scenery.


Jennifer M said...

What an adorable outfit! Lovin' the boots! Too cute!

Cindy said...

Kristen, she is sooo cute. I love her hair cut. She looks like a little go go dancer with her little mini dress. Waht a cutie! and... looking at the tree on your door in the backgroup reminds me how much work I have to do for the holidays and how I better get started this weekend!

qmiller said...

Kristen: What a cute picture...I love how free they are at that age in celebrating how wonderful they are...such confidence and pride! She is darling! Glad to see that you're conquering the picture issue!!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is really cute, and I like you blog.From Rachel

Susan said...

I love the mini dress and the boot look-she wears it well!

She is really cute all bundled up.

your son reminds me SO MUCH of my son, Sean. How old is Matthew? Sean is 10-they look around the same age.

Sean is such a wonderful help and he does so , so willingly without being asked I am often blown away. He truly loves his lil sister, as is very evident how much your M&M's love each other!