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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Very Thankful

wow, sometimes i feel like a real grown up! right now is one of them. tomorrow isn't just another day, it is a profound day of thanks!! and WOW do i have SO MUCH to be thankful for! the list is never ending, but i'm going to highlight some here now.
1. i am grateful that a year ago i was awaiting news that i could go meet and pick up my new daughter! it made last thanksgiving rather bitter sweet and we were not with her then, but NOW we are a forever family and i could not ask for a better son and daughter than the two i have been blessed with.
2. i am grateful for the new job i got this year. a year ago at this time i had been laid off from the mortgage business. the timing was perfect with the upcoming travel, but obviously it was a stressful time of unknown. i absolutely love my new job and the people i work with. wow - what a difference a year makes!
3. i am thankful for my family! they are awesome! especially my parents who are so helpful to me and selfless with their time. they have helped me in so many ways, but most recently when i needed care for maia when i just couldn't miss work - they were here, just in case! they are awesome and it would be SO much harder without them here to help me. i just wish i got to see other family more often - too long in between visits!
4. i am thankful for the wonderful house. what a blessing, (even with the leaks and critters!) so many people have so little and especially now, have lost so much. i am just thankful to have what i have.
5. my friends! i have so many wonderful friends and appreciate each of you. each one is different and perhaps even serves a different 'purpose' in my life, but all serve a purpose and i love you all!! again, some live way too far away and i simply don't see everyone often enough (even those that are local!) but i love and appreciate all my dear friends.
I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy, fulfilling, full of thanks Thanksgiving no matter where you are or who you are celebrating with! ENJOY!!


Jennifer M said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear Kristen! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day. Enjoy your sweet family of 3. And I want to see pictures. :-)

qmiller said...

Kristen: Wishing you and your 2 a Happy much to be thankful for! I'm sure the last year seems almost surreal to you...and isn't that great!?!

Cindy said...

What a nice post to remind all of us to count our blessings. What a difference a year makes. I am so happy for you that all is well. We are all well too and had a nice Thanksgiving in Texas. I think Gabby is getting ready for a growth spurt. She just keeps eating turkey. I hope Maia enjoyed her first Thanksgiving. I'm sure Matthew helped introduce her to all the wonderful food.