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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Five Friday Fun Facts - Slightly Updated!

Oops, I forgot about this - so here is it, on Sunday... I'll do better going forward!

1. Maia can say the following words... most of which have the SH or CH sounds... Cheese, Outside, (outshide), Shoes, Socks (shocks), Ashes (ashes, we all fall down), please, (peash), Matthew (Chew, which is one of his nicknames), juice (juish), datch (we have NO idea what this is, but she says it all the time), glasses, (glashes), eyes (eyesh), Maia (I-ya), fish (fishies), sha-sha (doggy... ) sha-sha (birdie), sha-sha (gentle...) Obviously we have to put the last one in context. Ein (said as a question... Ein?) is another frequently used word, I just wish we knew what it meant. And of course, she says Da-da which means Mommy. Go figure!! **I forgot some (thanks for the reminder, Kim!!) Maia also says Thank you (dah-du while also doing the sign for that, or should I say her version of the sign), Bye-Bye (a very loud and enthusiastic Byyyyeeeee while waving), Yes (Yesh), No (Noooooooooooooo while violently shaking her head!), grandma and grandpa, but I'm not sure 'how' she says them - but she has a word for each of them.

2. Maia loves the hair drier and having it blow in her face.

3. She loves watching Charlie Brown Christmas. Yes, we've already started watching it. I broke out the Christmas Music tonight too.... At least it's after Halloween!

4. Maia loves to laugh. It is so genuine. You can really tell one something touches her funny bone. She also loves to laugh when others are laughing.

5. Maia loves to put things on her head. Clothes, hats, purses, anything that will stay if she puts it there.


Kim said...

I have those chills you were talking about! They say several of the same words but Maia says more than Lindsay. The same are cheese, juice, shoes,please and thankyou(tank tu). Did you list bye-bye? Lindsay says Doo for Drew, Da da and Maw for me- I'm working on changing that to Mama! She sounds like a little old woman when she calls for the dog-"Bu eee!"(Buddy) These girls are something else!

Jennifer M said...

I love how at this age they speak both our language and a language all of their own. It's so fun to watch them say understandable words, and then they go off and jibber whole sentences in nothing but sounds. What a fun time to watch such a growing vocabulary!

Teresa said...

you are making me go through and think of all the things that Logan says--he says datch too--for him it is touch. He sees something and looks at me and says datch--he wants to know if he can touch it...
It's so fun---this stange isn't it!!! MISS YOU!!!