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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another beautiful day

Hi everybody!

Let's start with adoption news. There is none. No updates. I haven't even gotten the long awaited packing list from my agency yet because they are updating it/redoing it. Luckily, I have acquired a few from others who are either in the process or have been and I'm trying to tweek my list accordingly. it's so hard to know what to pack, and even harder to even imagine fitting it all in one suitcase. You have GOT to be kidding. LOL. Well, I'm sure I'll make it work, I just don't know how. :) Although I have no news, and I could be TOTALLY wrong here, I have a feeling I am going to hear SOON that I'll be travelling. I do not know (of course) what kind of lead time I will be getting, but I just have a feeling it is coming soon.

So, I have ordered some things from magellan's for travelling. I have done laundry of my winter clothes so I can pack things for the trip. I have enough other clothes that I just won't wear the ones I pack for the trip. my big goal this week is to start getting money for the trip... I know and have also heard that it takes more than one trip to the bank to get all the 'new' bills that you need, so I'll start now! Also, I go this week for my vaccinations. I didn't realize some of those (Hep. A and B) are in three parts. I hope I have enought time inbetween - I don't know how long in between doses it takes. I got my flu shot last week. I hope there are no side effects either. :)

Let's see, don't people say you nest before you give birth? Well, I'm doing that too, before the LOI comes! LOL. I'm really feeling the need to prepare, prepare, prepare. I just feel like it's that close. (I wonder how far off I really am??)

Matthew just got home from a scout campout. great weekend for camping. He said it was hot in the day and then freezing at night. Luckily, he took shorts for the day times and his really warm sleeping bag for sleeping, so he was OK. They went to the mountains and he said it was gorgeous.

Well, time for more cleaning! Hopefully, I'll have some news to post soon! Have a great week!

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Jen & Marshall said...

Congrats on making it through the shots! I used to have a TERRIBLE shot-phobia - I mean BAD. But, when I found out that in order to have kids I'd have to do infertility treatment (LOTS OF SHOTS), I somehow coped...There were lots of tears and fears at first (my poor husband) - but after many thousands of injections (no exaggeration) and no baby...I learned that I can tolerate a lot more than I thought. I also learned that I'll do a lot to become a mom...In fact, I'll go half-way around the world!
Anyways, being able to become a parent is such a powerful motivating, congrats on getting through the shots! Believe me when I say I really can appreciate that this was a big accomplishment!
Your baby is waiting for is only a matter of time!