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Sunday, October 14, 2007

October weather - that's what I'm talking about!

At last! The weather has cooled off. Last weekend through about Wednesday this past week, it was record breaking heat!! 94 degrees many days in a row. If you know me, you know I LOVE summer, but this was absurd! It has finally cooled off and is so much more seasonal now. Refreshing! Brisk. Lovely.

There really isn't much to report on the adoption front. The next thing I will probably know or hear is when it is time to travel. We're estimating Dec. right? So December is only 6 weeks away! So, if I get 3 weeks notice to travel, then I should be hearing in about 3 weeks. Now of course, i could be traveling at the END of Dec. rather than the beginning, but what it means is... IT'S GETTING CLOSE! I don't think about it too much though or I'll probably start to get nervous, and overly excited. There is time for that when the time comes!

I go get my vaccines next week. Yippee. Not really looking forward to that, but also not willing to take the chance of not getting the vaccines. It would be just my luck to get typhoid while I'm there trying to adopt a child!! Nope. I'm getting the vaccines! :)

The Ravens won today! yeah! The Redskins lost! Yeah! The downer of the day was that Dallas lost to New England. They were both undefeated. Darn it. I wanted Dallas to win and New England to lose!! Matthew, Mom and Dad had a gorgeous day for the game today. Perfect weather.

I played with the blog a good bit today. I really had no idea how to set it up and figured out how to add some links, etc. I definitely want to be able to do this when Mom and I travel to Kaz and I don't want it to be THE most boring blog EVER. Now, to figure out how to add pictures! that's next!

Enjoy the start of the week. Hopefully, I'll have more to update, SOON!

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