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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Christmas Time!!

Or, so one would think while walking through the store today, Oct. 30.

I went to the grocery store tonight for a roaster chicken for dinner tonight and tomorrow, a bagel for breakfast, a birthday card for my brother that i need to mail, like NOW, and halloween candy. I went to the isle that the seasonal items are always in... to buy the halloween candy... and do you know what was there?? Candy canes, stocking stuffers, Red and Green Candy M and M's, etc. I know it gets earlier and earlier, but can they at least wait until my procrastination gets me the halloween candy before they put it all away and replace it with Christmas. I mean, we're talking 36 hours... that's all. Can they wait that much longer? :)

On a different note... I see the light at the end of the tunnel. the first quarter of school (7th grade) is almost upon us. the quarter ends on Friday... yeah! I think we're almost caught up. I'm in no way trying to rush time or anything, BUT 'we' got off to a rocky start school work wise and are playing the catch up game!! So, we're almost done. (Yes, I said 'we're', I think I am reliving 7th grade, or parts of it, through Matthew.) :)

Here's one dumb project, although it was kind of fun! He had to do a Biography on a dead family member. Luckily, we have few of these so far... but the funny thing is, this is for Spanish class, for Day of the Dead, and his 'report' is allowed to be written in English. Tell me what possible significance this has to Spanish if we're writing the entire report in English? I mean, I couldn't be happier, I'm terrible in Spanish and he's not that much better at this point, but to me, then, that is just BUSY WORK. Why bother? People are busy enough these days not to have busy work.... thank you very much.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone. I think I'll just play the Grinch and turn off my lights since I don't have any candy... Can I hand out Slices of Cheese, Individual Walnuts in a Shell, baggies full of Special K? I really don't have any 'back-up' plan here... help me! :)


Jen & Marshall said...

It totally drives me crazy when they put out xmas stuff before halloween! I had the same reaction!

Jennifer M said...

If it makes you feel any better, we bought the candy, but still kept the lights off. And of course ate the candy ourselves. :-)