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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Much anticipated

Well, the much anticpated day has come and gone. No, not a referral. Nope, no one told me what region I'll be traveling to. Nope, didn't get my LOI either. I got my vaccinations today! What fun! I had to make the appointment 3 weeks ago before I could get in to get the shots, so this past three weeks was hard... not because I haven't heard a word from the adoption agency, or a word about the adoption, but rather because I had to anticpate the SHOTS~! I have passed out in the past from some shots, other times I am fine. It's all in the nerves. Anyway, I was so afraid with the multiple shots that I would again pass out. I did not!! Hurray! I got a Hep. A, and part one of the Hep. B shot (there are two more parts of that shot in two weeks, then two weeks after that.) I also got an MMR booster. I had this shot as an infant of course, but not since. Anyway, this one HURT. It burns going in and really leaves an after effect in the arm after it went in. It is short lived though and so far, I'm fine. I am taking the Typhoid pills, which start today and are taken every other day for 4 pills worth. So, except for the pills, I am DONE with shots. Well, no, I guess I'm not. But done for today. :) It was only3 today - not quite as bad as I thought. I have to check and see if I have gotten tetanus recently. If not, I'll get that when I have the second dose of Hep. B. I think I've covered everything now regarding the shots.

School has been crazy recently for Matthew. We are adjusting to seventh grade - and still learning what it takes to get good grades on tests, and projects and homework!!

I have been reading (Ok, we're calling it stalking now) many blogs recently. I am going to try to link to them on this blog so you can follow along! Theresa just got her LOI yesterday! She leaves for Semey NEXT Saturday! The Morgans met their beautiful baby girl this week. Jen and Marshall are anxiously awaiting the CALL! Payton is waiting for her mommy to be able and come and get her!! We'll all be parents of our beautiful children before you know it!!

OK - here it is for those of you that have lost track.... TWO MONTHS FROM TODAY is Christmas! Happy shopping!

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Jennifer M said...

You are so on the ball!! :-) I had to laugh as I read all about your shots. Know when I went to get mine? 3 days before we left! LOL! Oh well. I didn't really think I'd get anything- after all, Kaz is a very civilized country, but the paranoia of my husband set in so I went ahead and got them. Never needed them which was great! Hopefully you won't need yours either- always better safe than sorry though!