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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Word Game!

Yup - another word game. My friend Kim did this on her blog and so I just have to try hers as well.... This has a few harder categories than the one I did earlier, so let's see what I come up with!!
Ok- I played along. Hope you did too! Please leave me a comment if you play along so I can enjoy your favorites too!
My Favorites Are...........................
Sport: Football
Game: Pictionary (its hilarious when people can't draw and get mad-me included!) (This was Kim's answer, but it fits me too, so I'll copy this one!!)
Color: Orange
Movie: Return to Me
Broadway play I've seen: I haven't seen any!
Broadway musical I've seen: I haven't seen any!

Song: It depends on the day! But these days, the one I posted earlier on my blog called WAITING is my favorite!

American city I've visited: New York City
Foreign city I've visited: Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, but only for obvious reasons!

Book: Typically, it's whatever I am currently reading - right now I'm reading Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series - it's light and funny and easy to read.

Children's book: It's the Bear!

Classic TV show: I Love Lucy or The Brady Bunch

Recent TV show: Design Star on HGTV, or Designed to Sell, or House Hunters

Actor: Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt

Actress: Julia Roberts,

Perfume: Beautiful by Estee Lauder and/or Dazzling Silver by Estee Lauder too, I think...

Food: Totally depends on the day!
Dessert: If I have to choose just one - ice cream - Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite

Chain restaurant: Cheesecake Factory, Applebees, Sakura
Local restaurant: in Va. Beach - Rudee's on the Inlet
Car: my 2002 Camry - it's paid off!!

Condiment: ketchup

Kitchen appliance: microwave or coffee pot!

Home appliance: Curling Iron

Beauty product: Paul Mitchell Hair Spray

Piece of clothing: my new jeans

HGTV show: Design Star, or Designed to Sell, or House Hunters or House Hunters International

Food Network show: I really don't watch any, but saw Rachael Ray when I was in Rhode Island last month, and that was interesting.
Author: James Patterson, Sophie Kinsella, Elizabeth George, Ellie Lofaro, Laura Jensen Walker,

Male songwriter: I don't know who writes them, I only (might) know who sings them!
Female songwriter: Same as above!!
Holiday: Christmas, but Thanksgiving is becoming a close second
Ballet I've seen: Don't think I've seen any.... I guess I'm not very cultured!
Disney character: Toy Story crew

Flower: Roses, Tulips

Alcoholic drink: Margaritas were my favorite when I used to drink in my younger years! LOL

Non-alcoholic drink: milk, diet Dr. Pepper, diet Coke, Propel Fitness water, Coffee (starbucks lattes!)

Magazine: Real Simple or Hallmark Magazine
Animated movie: Toy Story (wow Kim, we have lots of similarities!) my other one would be Shrek

Television mini series: Flambards

Season: As I get older... Spring and Fall are my favorites - around DC, fall is better I think. I used to like summer best, but it's just too darn hot these days and I can't lounge around at the pool and beach all summer like i used too!
Male vocalist: Josh Groban

Female vocalist: not sure... I listen to more 'groups' and can't think of any now!
Day of the week: Saturday, I guess
Household chore: Laundry
Ice-cream: Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip
Candy: M and M's
Artist: my kids
Quotation: "Of all the Charlie Brown's in the world, you're the Charlie Browniest"

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Kim said...

Thanks for the blog encouragement about 7th grade. He'll be fine just hope I will be too! We have more similarities! Glad you did the game- I used to drive a Camry and loved it til it died!
So maybe Lindsay & Maia will enjoy our love for Toy Story and Pictionary too! My kindergarten class literally used to laugh at my drawings of animals on the board. They could draw much better than me!