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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baking Fun

Matthew and I finally got to make the Gingerbread House today. Now, it's not like I do this from scratch or anything, but it was fun nonetheless. Actually, you never know with Matthew if he will be in the mood to sit long enough to help and 'do', but he did. I helped construct the walls of the house, and he did 100% of the decorating. THEN, he frosted cookies and decorated them too. I was totally impressed. Usually he'll do about 3 cookies, eats one or two, and is done. :) Here is some of his handy work.

Then we decorated cookies, and he did all the red ones.

I did the white ones and the yellow ones... (we had done green on another day.)

We had a great time! I am so glad i am here with him for this Christmas! (The chance of travel was always there, but of course, it is now pushed to beyond Christmas, yeah!!) What a blessing to be home with him.

The other thing I've done this weekend is paint the nursery! The green is exactly what I wanted. The other walls were supposed to be 'creamy' and they are in some light, but in other lights, it looks very pale yellow. I like pale yellow, it's just not what I wanted. But, by the time I put all the furniture I bought in that little room, there won't be much wall left to notice the variation in color, so I'm going to try not to fret about it. Here are some shots of the room.

Exciting stuff, right? Well, exciting or not, it all had to be done. I am sore from painting. It seems so easy, and yet at the end of the day... muscles I didn't realize I had hurt. Oh well! Now, the room just needs furniture, and a little girl from Kazakhstan to make it complete! :)

Are there others who use blogspot who post pictures? Am I doing something wrong in that it posts them ALL up top and you have to edit the HTML to fix it? I feel like I must be doing something wrong. Also, can't I line two or three up across instead of having them all post down the page? Just wondering! Help!

I have my third interview with that company I've been waiting to hear from, tomorrow! Yeah! But, I'm traveling soon and will be away for two months, and then need the time when I return to get the baby adjusted... so, I would LOVE a job... But I need my first three months off, ok?? Ugh! I hope that all works out so I know the new job thing settled before I travel. That would be awesome.

I also need to START my shopping, so tomorrow after the interview I will be shopping... before I get to pick Matthew up from school like a Mom who doesn't work! :)


Michelle, wife, mother, child of God. said...

Don't worry your doing it right it does not allow you to put picuters up side by side but once all the pictures are up you can scroll and enter to put words in between pictures rather than change the html. I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful baby, we are praying for you.

Jennifer M said...

Merry Christmas Kristen! Matthew clearly did a bang up job on the house and cookies! I'm impressed. He pays attention to detail a lot more than I do!

As for blogger, I thought that once you added the photo, you could just drag it to where you wanted. I haven't used blogger in about a year though, so perhaps this feature is non-existant?