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Saturday, December 29, 2007

More pictures of Ezra

Well, I have to post more of the fam. It was a great day today. The other kids met their baby brother and were SO excited on the way to the hospital. Kate, the 2.5 year old started singing (unprovoked) and looking out the window of the van as we were going to hospital, "I'm going to meet my brother, I'm going to meet my brother." When I understood what she had said, I looked at her, and repeated it and she just GLOWED - she then started 'jumping up and down' in her car seat - sheer excitement!! When we got their, they ran in the room and all took turns holding him and loving on him. They were also very excited to see their Mommy and Daddy!! They will be coming home tomorrow from the hospital. So - I'll post (probably too many) pics from today.

Well, the spacing on these are not what I was hoping for, but I tried. I am still trying to play with the pictures and get them to do exactly what I want. I'm still learning, that's for sure.

We will see what tomorrow brings! The excitement of Ezra coming home. It is so neat to be here for this...

On a different note, still no update on the LOI or confirmed dates... Tick tock, tick tock.

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