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Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Monday

There really isn't much going on around here, but I thought I'd give an update anyway! I was hoping to hear something today about the job interview I had had, the man was just back today from vacation... but I heard nothin'. Oh well, I know how things are when I first get back from vacation, so maybe there just wasn't time to worry about hiring someone... I'm hoping that's the reason, anyway!

On a brighter note, we did get our Christmas tree this weekend! Matthew and I went with my parents and my brother. It was chilly, but NOTHING compared to what Sunday and today are! Wow, the wind outside is brutal!! I got the lights on (only ten strands this year) and then many of the ornaments. I still have one box of ornaments to go though - I'm running out of room. This years tree is smaller than last year, but not small!! Last years tree was just huge! The tree is nice, I am a little afraid it won't last til Christmas, there are already a few droopy branches! (And we're watering it twice a day!!)

My parents did come up on Saturday for the Patriots vs. Ravens game tonight in Baltimore. They came Saturday so they could go get the tree with us. The bummer is, my mom got really sick on Sunday and is still under the weather! Poor thing. She is just miserable, and only marginally better than yesterday. Anyway, because of her illness, she couldn't go to the Ravens game, and Matthew couldn't go because of school tomorrow and he wouldn't get home until about 1:00 a.m. So, I thought about going with my dad, but then broke out laughing at myself. I'm cold when it's 70 degrees outside... so this would NEVER do! it's like 35 degrees with 50 mile an hour winds, and they just showed SNOW (flurries) on the screen. Although flurries would be 'cool', I would be so cold it just wouldn't be fun!! Anyway, my dad decided not to go by himself and sit in the cold either, so we are all home tonight, watching in the warmth of the house. It also helped to make the decision KNOWING that the Patriots are going to KILL the Ravens tonight. :)

I can't wait until tomorrow night. My friend Judy and my mom (I hope) and I are going to a concert at my church. It is a speaker who is one of the funniest ladies I've ever heard speak and also the singer Kathy Troccoli. I have been to this event many times (3 or 4) in years past and it is just AWESOME. I just hope my mom feels better enough to go along with us!!

I went and got some bourbon from a friend tonight to make my bourbon balls. She said, I'll just put it in a mug... I thought, um, no... I really don't want to drive home with a cup of bourbon in an open container. I can see it now!!! Anyway, we found a travel cup (with a lid) so I felt better about having it in the car! Besides the bourbon balls, I also plan to make our Christmas cookies (frosted cut-outs) this weekend. Does anyone have any great cookie recipes? I'll be home (not working!) so I'd love to try something new this year!

It may not last, so I have to say it now... THE RAVENS ARE BEATING THE UNBEATEN PATRIOTS!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!! (and WOW!)

Don't forget to vote for the Christmas decorations (I think you can do more than one vote at a time!) and girls names too!! :)

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