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Saturday, December 8, 2007

So I'm getting pretty darn excited for the baby to be... and I HAD to buy something!

So, I've been waiting and waiting, and wanting and wanting to buy SOMETHING, and I gave in on a few small things. But, I really wanted to start buying some of the bigger things for the baby. I want baby gear... the problem is, we don't know the age, or the size, or anything - so buying the small stuff is hard. But I had to buy something, so I bought the furniture!! So, below is a picture of the furniture - i just LOVE IT! :) I can't wait to get it delivered! I plan to paint the room later this week so it is all ready for the furniture...

Anyway - to spare you any more pictures (and spare me from trying to upload them (not hard) and get them where I want them to show in the blog (this is hard!) I'll just tell you what else I bought. I bought the mattress for the crib and a high chair.

OK, so I quickly changed my mind, I had to show one more picture. I put the high chair together today... For now it's in my dining room, I'm sure I'll put it in her room for a while once I decide I need the space in my dining room for the holidays! I thought this was a really neat high chair and will really match my dining room table and chairs! It's cool too that over the wood tray is a plastic tray that can be used and then put in the dishwasher! neat! Such different choices even since Matthew was a baby!

My parents are here until Monday morning. Today, we made some Christmas (cut-out) cookies. We went to make the frosting and only had a tiny amount of sugar, so we'll have to frost them tomorrow. My brother came out from DC to visit us again today too. It was a really great day - I had an awesome time and it just felt very Christmassy!! Music, and decorations, baking, all spending time together, putting together high chairs... fun stuff!

My brother (Bobby) showed us a picture of a child he just signed up to sponsor through World Vision. He is so cute! That was really neat to hear about and look at the info on the website! I can't wait to look at that website some more.

One last thing... I got new windows for the house on Oct. 3rd. Ever since then, my bedroom and sitting room have had lovely sheets and towels hanging on them because I had had blinds on the windows before and decided not to put those back up. So, I've had old sheets in the nice new windows. My mom and I finally bought some new curtains for those windows which I put up today. They look great - at least much better than the sheets and towels... Since my room faces the street, I'm sure the neighbors will now appreciate my curtains as well! :)

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Jennifer M said...

Isn't shopping for a new little one just so much fun?! (And exhausting, but we won't go there.) I'm so excited for you. As soon as I saw the title to your post, I turned to Jim and said, "Kristen just bought out Babies-R-Us." :-) He grinned too knowing it wasn't so long ago that we did the same thing.

Very cool!

Love the new look of your site too. A lot!