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Thursday, January 10, 2008

LOI Extended!!

well, i got another call today! this time, with good news!! my coordinator had an update on my loi. :) if i get the terminology right... it has been issued regionally by the region i am traveling to, petropavlovsk, and has been sent to the 'national' government of kazakhstan to be processed. once processed, the loi will be issued a confirmation number which is what i need in order to get my visa issued here in the states. at that time, i will also get actual/exact travel dates. this process is expected to take about 10 days.. from that time, i will have about a week or two to get my visa issued, get plane tickets, get everything else done, etc. so, i have ten 'calmer' days to try to accomplish things, and then i'll have 7-14 days of total chaos with a known travel date. yeah!!! yes, now i'm going to get nervous, i'm sure!

i'm not thinking straight enough to say much more at this point... but i'm sure i'll post more in the near future! happy thursday!


Jennifer M said...

Yay! Awesome! I hope the time goes by quickly! It is chaos! I still can't remember the whole month of May. It's totally gone from my mind. Such a busy, crazy time. :-)

Sandi said...

Yeah!! great news, I hope that it comes soon and you can get on over to Kaz.... No matter how prepared you are I am sure the last few days will be insane.