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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday slo mo

I am in slow motion today! It's a chilly, quiet, blah sort of day... I watched a movie and now I just want to curl up and either watch another one, or read!

My mom was here the past couple of days and just left earlier today. She brought all the stuff she has packed so that we have everything we are taking in one place. All our suitcases are in the middle of my living room... (4 rather large suitcases!) We have almost 100% of what we are taking in there, so we are feeling pretty good about that! We did take my bathroom scale to the living room to weigh all the suitcases. One was HEAVY, over 50 pounds. It was 56.1 or something like that. We removed a bag of Trail Mix Mom had packed... and were down to 43.9 - two pounds of mix! We are trying to shuffle things around now so we don't have to at the airport... I'll tell you - this is the hardest part so far!

I am still waiting on dates for travel. My agency does have a copy of the LOI that shows it is requested and in process, but no news/actual dates yet! It's been 16 days now since I heard the LOI was in process. They do anticipate it any time and I will likely have very little time after notification to get on a plane! That's why I'm packing and making sure it is all done, NOW. I don't pack well under pressure! LOL. This was hard enough with 'time' left. Now the trick is to get what's left over in the carry-ons! :)

Matthew has a 4 day weekend this weekend which is great! With Mom, we ran errands yesterday, but today we've taken it easy. We are both just chillin' right now with our laptops! We will play a game in a few minutes and watch a movie tonight. We are just enjoying quiet time together before I leave. We are both ready for the WAIT to be over. The anticipation of saying good-bye to each other is not getting any easier as the days go by.

Stay tuned for more details about travel! I certainly will update when I hear anything... :) whenever that may be...

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