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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cold week and more waiting

For Northern Virginia, it has been a crazy, cold week! The temps were 'low' but the wind made it brutal. What really makes me laugh is that it was a good 30 degrees WARMER than it will be in Kaz... bbrrrrr! I can't even begin to imagine that. This was plenty cold enough for me.

I did find out this week that I will NOT be traveling exactly when I thought. We are still awaiting my LOI and although it 'could' come this week, I was told that when it comes, I will have 3-4 weeks to prepare. Now, I know others who have had much less time than that once their LOI's came, so I'm still not 'sure' that that is true... but I will 'listen' to my agency and take their word for it, for now. Anyway, the original date would be less than two weeks away at this point, but it appears that will not happen. Tick tock tick tock.... the waiting is hard, and it is killing Matthew. He wants/NEEDS for the anticipation to be over - that is going to be the hardest part for him... preparing for me to leave! (For me too, I think!) At this point, it is still anticipated I will travel by the end of Jan. or early Feb., but of course that is a guesstimate until I have the LOI in writing in my little hands and it could change again at any moment... I think I will be happiest when I get that 'letter' in my hands and the unknown part will be over.
I am hoping and praying that that is a reality because the sooner I can leave, the sooner I can be back, and for Matthew's sake now, that would be best! The one thing I think I do know is that since the government is closed for the Russian Orthodox Christmas (on Monday I believe) and people are on vacation, I won't hear anything in the early part of this week pretty much for sure, because no one is working! Oh well, all in good time my pretty, all in good time.

That's about all that is new from here. Waiting waiting waiting!!

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Jennifer M said...

Bummer about the wait!!! Hopefully they'll get that LOI issued quickly.

We're having a good 'ol heat wave here in MN. It's 33 degrees at 8:14pm. Woo wee!! Get out the bathing suits! :-) (I'm a dork, I know. And I'm just kidding about the suits.) It has been relatively warm out though.

Hopefully the delay in the LOI is simply about letting Petro warm up a degree or two for you. :-)