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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Prepping, Packing and Projects

What a busy couple of days! It finally occurred to me that although I have requested many packing lists from people who have preceeded me to Petropavlovsk, I decided it was time to really do some packing and not just pretending. (I just had to be goofy and write as many P's in that sentence as would come to me...) What I mean is, I kept reading lists and reorganizing them, but I hadn't really packed anything, or bought much, if anything, for the baby, so I had to get going.

I went to Target on Friday and bought, well, a lot. LOL. I bought most of the meds I will take 'just in case' to Kazakhstan. The thing is, I've heard you can't really get over the counter meds there, and certainly not what we're used to, so if I wanted or needed something specific, I'd better take it! And plan for the unexpected. So, motrin, tylenol, nose drops, gas drops, diaper cream, shampoo, lotion, baby powder, pacifiers (different kinds because I don't know what kind she is used to), sippy cups, baby oragel, baby teething biscuits, pedialyte, vitamins (she'll need them!), a few pair of socks (I couldn't resist), a white furry hat and mittens (I really couldn't resist!!), and so on. I think that was pretty much most of everything, so I was headed out.

But, do you really think I made it out with those 'small' items? (Even though I had 50 of them?) I had to pass the strollers on the way out and they were on clearance! So, I thought that was a good deal, like 1/2 price! I ended up with two because I couldn't decide which one of the two to get. (You couldn't test them at the store because they had them all chained up, high above ground level.) To make a long (boring!) story short... as it turns out, I got home and put one together, and I love it. The other is still in the box, but when I got to the checkout, it was only $35.00!! So, I might just end up keeping that one as well so I don't always have to load one of them in and out of the car. I couldn't deal with putting another one together yesterday though, so it is still in the box in case I do decide to return it. Anyway, that was all fun yesterday buying all the stuff for the baby.

Today, I packed my clothes for the trip. It took forever to decide what matched what, and what I need for near 60 days on the road. At long last, I THINK I've narrowed it down to the final stack of clothes. Let me just say, sweaters are BULKY. I did go ahead and wash all of them so that they are good and clean before I wear the same 5 outfits for 60 days... I know I'll get to do laundry there, but I'm thinking it won't be the same as here, and even more worried that it will be with that orange/brown water everyone posts on their blogs. yuck. So, they are good and clean now and ready to roll. And even better, they all fit in one (large!) suitcase. (Actually, my drier is on the fritz, so some things are still trying to air dry. Tomorrow all should be dry and packed away.
Anyway, I also got all her stuff ready. I boiled the paci's, and cleaned all the toys so they are ready to go. I picked the books I want to take for her, and the dolls, etc. Yeah! That part was fun!

This weekend has been fun with Matthew. On Thursday, we got a little snow. Between 3-4 inches. It only ended up getting the kids out of school 2 hours on Friday morning, (and boy was Matthew mad about that!) But then we made Friday night 'fun night' and then 'pajama party night'. The first part we got subs and watched "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" (that we had to Tivo from the night before). We love watching that together. We watched a little more TV and then when we saw that Cheaper by the Dozen was coming on. So, we decided to get comfy and get all the pillows we could, and have a pillow, pajama party in my bed while we watched Cheaper by the Dozen. It was fun!

Today, he had to finish his Science project. Due on Tuesday. We decided to work as long as it took today to get it done (not like us!) so that on Sunday and the holiday Monday we can just relax and do what we want! Success!! He finished and we are done with it. Yeah!! It is nice to know that is all done and we can watch and enjoy the football games tomorrow!

On the adoption front, other than knowing what I heard a week ago, (that I should be leaving within a few weeks as I've been told the region has requested my LOI be processed) there is nothing new. Based on the timeline I was given then... I should hear something Monday or Tuesday. Then I'll have a week or two to get totally ready to leave. I'm feeling better and better about the packing I've been doing and hopefully won't need to freak out when that 'time comes'! I will still have to get my visa and plane ticket, etc. (For both Mom and me). The only other thing now is, I have no idea what I will name her. I change my mind daily and even have started considering new names that I never thought of before. So, I guess I won't know until I am there and meet her. THEN I will decide. :)

Like sands through the hour glass... these are the details of my life.

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Jennifer M said...

Well the good news is Petro doesn't have brown water. Whew! In all the places we went to, visited, and stayed at, not one had icky water. That's good for the clothes!

It sounds like you have a ton of stuff!! Ah... I remember that time. It's sooooo hard not knowing what it's going to be like when you get there. My advice when it comes to the clothes: Even though you want comfy and layers (the baby house is warm), make sure you take clothes that look good too. Everyone is dressed so beautifully over there that often times I felt very frumpy. This coming from a person who normally doesn't even care about clothes!!

Sounds like you're getting there!