Praying for Ansley

Monday, February 25, 2008


When Mariya arrived to get us today for our visit to the baby house – she had already had a busy morning… She had been to the baby house and then to see the judge already – we had a court date before Mom and I ever set foot out of the apartment today! Next Monday, March 3rd at 11:00 a.m. is our time in court! Yeah! Yippee!! I wonder how nervous I’ll be getting over the next week… I hope I can keep my nerves under control! In addition to her already busy morning, Mariya brought us some ice cream as a special treat! We haven’t had any since we’ve been here – and that was a real treat tonight for dessert!

I tested out my baby carrier today that I brought for the baby. I never used one of those with Matthew – so this was new for both the baby and me! She loved it and was none too happy when I took her out of it. She is all over her cold, and ate a lot for lunch and laughed and laughed all afternoon. It was great!

We did some shopping with Masha in the afternoon. That was a lot of fun – and we got some really neat stuff as souvenirs, but don’t think we’re done yet… not by a long shot, if I know Mom and myself. We also had the all exciting trip to the Iceberg to get some necessities, water being the most essential of the day.

We are watching the movie Bewitched tonight. I have not seen this before, but as a tribute to the movie, here is the sneak peek of the day…

Hhmmmm, I wonder if her name is Samantha??

For those of you keeping track… only 10 months until Christmas!


Judy said...

Can she wiggle her nose? :)

Jennifer M said...

What a cute button nose! I was in meetings all day and was missing my sneak peek!!

Yay, congratulations on getting the court date! It's nice to actually have that set I'm sure.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Congratulations on your court date, I will be praying! What an adorable nose!

Catalina said...

Maybe she is best friend with our daughter and she bewitched us to get the LOI asap and come to Petro too? I can`t wait to join you shopping :)

Cindy said...

It sounds like things are moving right along and in spite of the wait you are still enjoying yourself. I guess shopping is universal!