Praying for Ansley

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


As in, full Speed ahead. We are here in Petro and moving forward with gusto now! So many things to do, and PEOPLE to SEE! There is still plenty of down time, but we are full Speed ahead, that is for sure.

Mom and I have been having fun deciding how to post entries during this process in Kaz. No tv. No internet for a few days - it makes one try to get creative.

We have decided that the title of all the entries are going to be movie titles that relate to the days activities in some way. We have come up with many titles, and think we can carry this through. We shall see! Some are great, but may need a little tweaking - but time will tell!!

So, follow along - we're hoping this is fun for all!


Jennifer M said...

How fun!

CM and JJM said...

Congratulations Kristen to finding your daughter!!! Your accounts are precious. so glad your experience so far is so wonderful. Have a great time bonding with her and enjoy her!!!

Nancy P. said...

Hi Kristen, How wonderful to read about you meeting your daughter! Thank you for all the little details which are so compelling. I will share this with all of our group tomorrow night. I can't believe you left just one week ago. A lot has happened! I am so thrilled you now know your little girl and can start enjoying the process of getting to know each other. Blessings to you and your Mom. Nancy