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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Sound of Music

We had fun at the baby house today, of course! When I entered the room to get her today, she really noticed me and was quite excited as I crossed the room, and then she lifted her arms for me to pick her up! She has noticed me before, and been happy to go with me each day, but today seemed especially like she knew what to do – having me pick her up, etc. (Often she has been in a care workers arms and passed off to me, so this was different all around.) We went to play in the music room and went back, as usual to eat lunch. She ate a really good amount for lunch today, and drank all her tea. Then back to the baby room for more playing, singing and dancing. We had bought a new CD yesterday with Russian songs on it for children, so we were listening to that and Mariya was telling us what each song was about. The baby loves to sway and dance to music and is learning to clap her hands. An activity she finds most amusing.

We had to leave the music room a little early because they were having a meeting there, so we went back to the room where we feed her her meals, which adjoins to the room she is usually kept in. There is a little table in there, and she wanted to sit in a tiny little chair. It was cute. She played with toys on the table for a while, and then it was time for cookie number 2. She ate this one and made slightly less mess than yesterday. She also didn’t get as sleepy – a little quieter perhaps, but not nodding off tired like yesterday! Then it was time to clean up our toys and say good-bye for the day. I went in and the care workers were busy with other children (normally I pass her off to someone). So, I went and put her in the large playpen area they have in that room. I kissed her, and put her down, and walked away, saying “Paka” and waving. (Good-bye.) I wasn’t out the door and she started to really cry! Poor little thing! I went back over and gave her a kiss and left again – and my mom made her way over and said good-bye again too. She wasn’t totally crying when we ultimately left which was good. It’s nice to know she knows me well enough to miss me/us when we leave, but I’ll tell you, seeing her crying and wanting to go back and be with her more and pick her up again… that is hard! So, all in all a great day again.

Sneak peek, her getting every last drop of her tea today... good to the last drop!!
After our visit we went out to lunch with Mariya. The first place was full, so we left and went to a different restaurant. I do not know the name of it, but it was good. They did tell us right away when we got there that they were told they would be losing power, so we had to hurry and order so they could make the food. We didn’t have our food yet when the power went out, but it came shortly after so it must have been prepared when the power went out. Mom and I both tried something beef since we haven’t had any of that really since being here. I even had French fries. The meals were very good and dining by candle-light in the middle of the afternoon was kinda nice! Both Mom and I had some left overs, so we brought them home. I don’t think they do too much to-go here, because their to-go dishes, at least in this place, were like plastic plates with saran wrap over top. Glad nothing was too juicy!!

On the way home we stopped to pick up more prints at the Iceberg of pictures for our album for court. (I have to take pictures of each day I visited her during the bonding period.) I also exchanged more dollars for tenge. You get 120 tenge for every dollar you exchange... it makes you feel pretty rich to have this stack of tenge in your pocket... so many bills!

I’m almost done with the book I’ve been reading – I think I’ll spend my afternoon finishing that up. We’re back home a little earlier than what’s been typical recently, so we have some extra time to read and relax today. It is a gray, dreary day here, although it is above freezing, so I can’t really complain! I didn’t even need a hat today – it’s just not that cold!..... today.

And then… I took a nap.

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Jennifer M said...

That's so wonderful! She both recognized you and didn't want you to leave. Oh how sweet the feeling!

The fact that the cup almost covers her whole face is so cute.

Power outages aren't among my favorite memories. :-) Jim was in the Iceberg once when the power went out. Employees came into the aisles to help guide people, but of course they were speaking Russian. Jim just put everything away and came home again.