Praying for Ansley

Friday, February 15, 2008

Miss Congeniality

Feb. 15, 2008

When we got to the baby house today, they had taken the baby to the hospital. What? Well, it was harmless. She has had a little ‘goo’ in her eyes since we’ve been here (atleast), so they took her in. She was about 20 minutes or so late for our visit, but she was fine. As soon as she got back, it was time for lunch. Today it was borscht, and more potatoes and meat mush, stewed beets, and tea again out of a tea cup. She ate less today than usual, in the three days I’ve been able to feed her. I understand that though since this has been a crazy week and she was taken to the hospital today. But, after lunch, we went to play in the play room. I was afraid she would be tired with the disruption in her schedule, but she was full of energy and happy as could be! She climbed around on the mats and played with her toys. She laughed some more and babbled more than we had heard before today. That was awesome! She’s quiet, but I think she’s starting to open up a little bit. I’m sure in no time she’ll be just as loud as the rest of our family! LOL.

I did take in the clothes I bought yesterday – way too big! I took in the one outfit I had brought from home, a 9 month size, and although it won’t last long, it does fit her now. So, I need to go buy some smaller clothes now at the baby store!

Today started off with a call from Matthew and Dad. That was great! A great way to start the morning! It is so nice to hear news from home and hear their voices!! Then, tonight, my sister called as well!! How exciting! Matthew talked a lot more during his evening call to us than his early morning calls. Regan filled us in on all that the kids had to say about the baby, their new cousin.

Otherwise it was a quiet day. We were home by 2 p.m. and just had a lazy afternoon. We read, and downloaded some pictures, watched some movies, cooked dinner – nothing too extraordinary. Tomorrow is another visit to the baby house! I can’t wait!


Lynn said...

I get so excited every time I read an updatee. I am so happy that the 3 of you are bonding!

Jennifer M said...

Glad to hear it was just "goo" and everything is all right. We're having a nice relaxing afternoon here too. Isn't it rather nice after the craziness of the last month?