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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lost in Translation

I haven’t posted in a couple of days – and there really is no good reason for it. I could say I had a cold/headache and was sleepy and not up to it. I could say I was sick of the computer a little bit and not in the mood to really be on it more than a few quick responses to emails from people who had written me. I could say (at the risk of sounding ungrateful for this marvelous experience) that there really isn’t much new and each day is much the same. All of the above are true. I will say though, that although each day is much the same, we are enjoying ourselves and are not yet bored. I just fear if I write the same thing everyday – it will be ultra boring for those of you trying to read it. Anyway – here I am. We are fine and let’s see what I can talk about today.
This week went quick fast! I can not even believe it is Saturday night! Wow! Monday, we went sightseeing. Tuesday, we went to lunch at Masha’s house. Wednesday, we went shopping for gifts for those here that we need to buy gifts for. I still have more to buy, but we got a really good start! Thursday, we went to the large market where upstairs are small, individual stores. One might sell shoes/boots, one might sell just hats, one sells childrens clothing (which is what we went to buy), and the downstairs has vendors that sell fruit and vegetables, fresh bakery items and sweets, etc. Then on Friday, Mom and I went to the Iceberg for some much needed food. I even requested and got some pictures printed – without Masha there to help. I was proud. (But the guy kinda understood English, so it was more him than me, really.) The other great score of the day was that they finally had Coke Light!! I haven’t had one since the airplane to Almaty almost three weeks ago. That has to be a record!! Actually, they had about 4 on the shelf and as I was contorting my body to reach the 4th one on the very top shelf, some lady came up to me and was speaking Russian of course, and I didn't know what she wanted. I actually thought she wanted that last Coke Light I had just about broken my neck to get. What she actually was asking me is if I wanted more. I didn't understand her. She told me to wait there, at least I thought that's what she said... so I did. A few minutes later, she was back with about 5 Coke Lights in her hand and a 'stock boy' with about 15 in his arms! Poor guy!! So, I took a total of 10... I'll have to ration them out. I would have bought every last one if we weren't walking home, but we had real groceries to buy and other drinks, like Milk too, so I couldn't go totally crazy... :) That was so nice of her, and such a great surprise. I didn't have one today - I'm saving it for tomorrow. And I thought I had nothing to talk about....
Today, the visit to the baby house was our only excursion – it was fairly windy and chilly on the way home from the baby house that we just decided that was enough outside for the day. Tomorrow, we plan to venture out and do something – we just aren’t sure what yet! We atleast plan to go back to the Iceberg for a few more groceries and water tomorrow. It is quite close, but for those of us unaccustomed to walking with out groceries, and shopping for a week at a time and not a day or two, it takes some getting used to! The walk would be a piece of cake if not for the ice on the sidewalks... I've already bitten the dust once, I need not do THAT again!

The baby continues to entertain us every day. She is full of smiles and laughs and continues to babble more and more and louder and louder every day. She is feeling better and has started eating again – although I’ll tell you – she really doesn’t like her soup. I can’t wait until I can start to introduce her to some new foods that are of varying color and variety. I can’t wait to even give her something like Cheerios! She is climbing more and more on the mats in the music room and cruises around trying to walk sometimes. She’s inquisitive, and happy, and knows what she likes, and what she doesn’t. It’s a lot of fun!

When we got to her room yesterday, they had put a bow in her hair! How cute! The problem came when it fell out and this new mommy of a girl had to try to get it back in! I did, but it was backwards! Oh well, she looked cute from behind, anyway!
Here is the sneak peek for today…

The other highlight of my day is when I get to talk to Matthew!! It is so wonderful to hear his voice and hear his stories. He is quite a story teller and the things he tells me stories about cracks me up! Today, I got to hear all about the Dow and it's ups and downs of the day. Quite interesting! He's so smart to know about such things at age 12... probaby has me beat already!!


Judy said...

I'm loving the sneak peeks of the baby, but I can't wait to see all of her. :) I know you're enjoying the Coke Light. Would you like fries with that? ;)

Jennifer M said...

I love your stories! I can't speak for anyone else, but I love hearing what you do every day even if it does sound mundane to you. Plus I like seeing all the sneak peeks!

I loved how friendly the people are! Isn't it amazing how much you can understand just through body language and facial expressions?

I love the elbow dimple!! So cute!

Cindy said...

I love getting your updates! Keep them coming. I'm glad Matthew is doing well. She is so precious. I figure we are getting close to a full picture. I can't wait!

I was telling your story to a few co-workers at lunch this week and they all really enjoyed it.

In addition to all the updates on your kids (yes your are plural now!), I really like reading about your experiences with life there.

You will have to tell us how the visit process works over the whole 2 months. Does your visit time ever increase from the 2 hours? Do you ever get to introduce her to new food there or is she restricted to eating only baby house food? Will you be allowed to take her for a visit to the apartment?

Stay warm and savor that Coke light. I would think you would take up replacing that with a new warm drink favorite that includes caffeine.

Sandi said...

Yippee another post, I have been checking your blog daily. Remember those of us waiting like to hear what is going on in Kaz. I can't wait until we can see your daughter and read her name :)

Glad your enjoying your time. Keep warm and safe.