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Monday, February 4, 2008

Countdown to Travel

WE ARE LEAVING TOMORROW!! Yup, I just got a call and it is confirmed that my visa (and my mom's) is processed and we will be able to make the flights that we have tickets for!! Praise the Lord!!!!! :) It's about time. :)

Now, I am truly in FRANTIC mode as, in some ways, I actually wanted that one more day to finish all these lose ends. I guess I'll be done, but I may not sleep tonight, for many reasons. LOL.

Y'all please keep in touch. I always cherish hearing from everyone - but will cherish it even more when we are 1/2 way around the world and unable to call and chat. For all those who have written or called - I'm sorry it I haven't gotten back to you. I am trying, but it doesn't look like I'll make it for everyone. I'm thinking about everyone and appreciate the well wishes, really!!

If I don't write again before we leave tomorrow night, I will write as soon as possible when we arrive in Petropavlovsk on Thursday. Until then, just pray for us! You know how much I LOVE planes.... and cold weather.... LOL. It's going to be QUITE an adventure!! :)

BY THE WAY - WAY TO GO GIANTS. Let's hush those Patriots UP! Good job! Yippee! That made the delay worth it, to see that game!! Ya-hoo!!


Angela said...

BON VOYAGE! I wish I knew how to say that in Russian. I wish you a smooth journey.

Jennifer M said...

Yay!! What great news! Travel safely!!

Jennifer M said...

Oh Kristen! I envy you so much! I'm sitting here at work TRYING to get things done, and all I can think about is Petro. I check your blog (as if it's changed in the past 15 minutes!), I check the Petro weather links, I look at pictures, I sit here and reminisce, I sit here and day dream. I looked at the Petro weather again, saw that it was snowing, and imagined landing at the Petro airport (which is just a big, lonely, desolate gray box. You'll think you landed in the middle of nowhere with not a soul in sight- it does get better once you get into town!) and I had such a visceral, gut reaction. It was a wave of homesickness! I MISS PETRO!! I miss the experiences you will have. I miss the people, the Iceberg, the markets, the babyhouse- I even miss the Babyhouse smell if you can believe it!! (You’ll see what I mean.) I just have such a huge yearning to go with you- so much so that I'm practically in tears here in my office. That's how strong the feeling of homesickness is!

Kim said...

Good luck Kristen meeting your daughter! Can't wait to hear details and we're praying for safe travels for you and your Mom. It's really time!
All the hard work of paper-chasing will soon seem like a distant memory!

Karen said...

Hi Kristen:

I just found your blog and what a time to jump on! Congratulations on your impending journey and can't wait to follow you as you meet your little girl.

Good luck with tying up all the loose ends.

God speed,

Catalina said...

Thank you so much for the invitation to read your blog. I wish you a safe travel and best of luck in finding your child :). I can`t wait to follow your story.

Teresa said...

Just wanted to tell you that I am crazy happy for you and I am praying for everything to happen smoothly and that they get some crazy warm spell for you while you are there. HAHA--I know how you LOVE the cold! No really God Bless and I will write to you to fill you in on my life as you are gone--give you some stuff to read.:)
Love you,

Judy said...

I'm so excited and happy for you. It's Wednesday night, Feb. 6 in VA and I guess you are in Kaz now. No doubt very, very tired. I can't wait for some news from your end. Take care, hugs to the baby and enjoy! JLF