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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Circle of Friends

Today we got to visit Maia and she was happy. I know it sounds like a broken record to say that over and over, but it is true. She is truly happy – at least so far! She ate really well again at lunch today. Then we went to play in the playroom. She was content to sit and play with some toys and a book. She isn’t overly interested in books, but since we’ve been here, she at least knows to open it and look at what’s inside. Usually only a page at a time, but this is a big change from when we arrived and brought a book and all she wanted to do was hold it. If I took it from her to open the book and show her a page, she would have a small conniption fit – even when I opened it. She wouldn’t really calm down until she had the book back in her hands, and it was closed. So, having her open it occasionally and actual LOOK at a page is a pretty big deal! Your sneak peek today is of her reading the book:
She had on another pair of shoes today – cute again, but even smaller than the last pair! At least these were a soft leather so I don’t think they were as painful. She did however pull on them so we took them off not too long after getting in the music room so she wouldn’t have to worry about them.

We finally got to spend time with Catalina and Calin while they were bonding with their little girl. (For more on their story, visit They have quite a story to tell!!) Our visiting times overlap by an hour, so we will will get to spend time with them every other day on the days we are allowed to visit Maia. It was nice to have other people to talk to as well as other children to watch. Since Maia and Alina (their daughter) are about the same age and in the same group, they already know each other. It’s nice to have friends in a place so very far from home! I’m looking forward to visiting with them more and getting to know them even better.

This morning, on our way to the baby house, we realized it was snowing. We looked at the branches of the trees and saw the strangest looking snow. Almost like it was fake. It wasn’t snowing hard by any means, and you could see each ‘flake’ as it landed on the ground or the trees. Reminded me of something that might be used in theatre or something – looks real from a distance, but looks totally fake up close. It was neat!! Check this out:

The other really neat thing (and the reason we didn’t realize it was snowing at first) is because the sky was a brilliant blue. Check the picture of the trees and branches against the blue sky. Amazing!


Judy said...

I like the snow pix. I'm sure once you all are home and you read bedtime stories to Maia, she will look forward to that time.

Angela said...

Glad that you have spent some time with Catalina and Calin. They seem so nice - and, yes, what a story. A family doubles in a matter of moments. It is so cool to see people in blogland meet. The photos are beautiful . . . and I can't wait to see little Maia.

Jennifer M said...

Beautiful photos! I love the sneak peak of Maia. Gigi has that book too and loves it. She'll hold it in front of the light and move it around and watch the reflection move on the walls. Very cute.

So glad you're able to spend time with Catalina and Calin!