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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ready or not?

I'm not sure if I have news to post or not! :) I have been told that what the USCIS Fairfax Office needed to get to the US Embassy here in Kazakhstan has been completed... but I can't confirm that until Monday when I go to the Embassy and hear them say they've received it. Now the truth is, the Fairfax office says they've done it three times... so the US Embassy will certainly hear from me Monday IF they say they still don't have what they need. (The truth is, they had what they needed on Friday as it turns out and we could have left this morning as planned.) Regardless of any of that, the bottom line is we should be all set at the Embassy on Monday here and be able to leave on Tuesday at 4 a.m. - if there are seats available on that flight! Let's pray for seats... that's something I won't know until tomorrow either. If we are on that flight, we'll be picked up on Monday night/Tuesday a.m. about 2:45 a.m. and head to the airport for our 4:05 a.m. flight... What fun. At least we'll be home on the same day we leave - Tuesday afternoon. I hope Maia sleeps at least some on the plane. I know I'll need to and she is so active - walking all over the place! She has made incredible improvements to her walking in the past week - it is truly amazing!
We are doing well. We are ready to come home - we are getting so silly. But Maia is doing so well and overall is so good. (She does test us a little bit though, as any 17+ month old will do!!) She is eating well and very happy. She is sleeping well and plays a lot. She LOVES her bath... so that's fun now. We have a tub the size of a swimming pool in this apartment... so it's fun to let her play around in it.
We're ready for our favorite things... trying to determine when we'll be able to get Starbucks first, or a great big salad, or whatever! We're having fun thinking about it.
I'll try to update again before we leave when I know our travel plans. If all goes well, the Embassy appointment is Monday afternoon and I will know then that we are leaving about 12 hours later.... We'll be ready, that's for sure!


Lynn said...

I am glad you are almost home! Your packaage won't be you there...I pray for safe travel.

Cindy said...

Tuesday sounds great! I'm sure you will be visiting the Fairfax office once you get settled back in at home. I'm so happy for you that she is already settling in. I will be sending positive thoughts your way that all goes well for departure on Tuesday and Maia does well on the plane. Hopefully they will have some kid movies. Maybe she will like listening to the radio for more then 5 minutes after a long nap of course. You are almost home with Matthew and your family! Hopefully one of your first favorites will be a nap in your bed while Matthew and Grandpa get aquainted with Maia!

Angela said...


I hope you get out as scheduled. I can't imagine how frustrating this is! So glad Maia is going so well!

All my best,

Kim said...

Yea! I felt sure it could be worked out for you. Yes the flight times are crazy but it was good to get home in the afternoon to have that time with family. Save some new toys for Maia just for the plane ride- that helped us!You'll be home soon! It feels so complete and good!

Catalina said...

I wish you get everything done in time and hope you will have a safe travel back home. I will be thinking of you

Jennifer M said...

So glad to hear from you!! I was hoping that things were still progressing even if we weren't able to hear about them.

That would be so awesome if today was your last day in Kaz! Woo hoo!

On the off chance that it all works out, safe travels! I can't wait to hear from you from this side of the world!

Much love to all of you.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

I remember the days when we were just so exhausted that silliness was running rampant. :) I do hope everything goes well on Monday and you get home as scheduled.