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Monday, July 7, 2008

The night from... Somewhere....

I'll fore warn you - there are no pictures of this night to be remembered. Simply my perspective of the evenings happenings - It's Murphy's Law, only for Kristen. I call it Kristen's Law....
Since my alarm sounds at 5:00 a.m., I am trying to learn that going to bed before midnight is pretty much essential, at least on most evenings. So, at 10:45 I decided I'd best go to bed. That's when Matthew wanted to take a shower and come in and snuggle before he went to bed. I told him I needed to go to bed (hate turning away snuggles - he's almost 13 - he won't want that much longer from me!! but I decided I'd best try to go to bed.) HA!
As soon as I booted Matthew, a fly, the size of a Kaiser Roll, which also happened to sound like a helicopter, flew in to my room. Well, he heard it too, so he came in to help me kill this monstrosity. It took 30 minutes of climbing on the bed, running around the bedroom and the sitting room, before we could track it down. Finally, I thought, I could go to bed. HA!
We watched a portion of something on HGTV, I don't even recall what!! Then I shooed Matthew away again, it was at least 11:30. I was ready for bed... HA! I wasn't the LEAST bit tired until 1:00 a.m. 1:00 a.m. Are you kidding?? I'm trying to be responsible. I'm trying to get some sleep. 1:00 a.m.
1:30 a.m. - a storm decides to roll through. At first, I awoke and wasn't sure what I had heard. Then I heard it again - more thunder - close, but not too close. I didn't hear it again, but I was up. I'm not sure for how long, but I did manage to fall back asleep, eventually.
3:30 a.m. A strange, strange, strange beeping occurs. I was sound asleep. I can't figure out what this strange noise is. My alarm. Nope, it's only 3:30 a.m. A phone with a low-battery? Nope. I hear it about 30 seconds apart a few more times. I determine it is my house alarm - but it is not the siren sounding, so what is it? I finally realize the power is out and that must be why it is sounding. I find the flashlight (at least THAT was next to my bed where it was supposed to be!) and go to the alarm and turn it off. I checked outside to make sure the neighborhood is dark and not just my house for some reason and it was, so I got my cell phone, set the alarm on my cell phone for the morning (which I've decided to make at LEAST 6:00 a.m. at this point) and I get back in bed. It is now 4:00 a.m. and I finally drift back off.
"Can you come here?"
"What's wrong?"
"Just come here."
Well, I was afraid Maia would wake up if we screamed back and forth any longer, so I went rather than asking what was wrong. Terrible thoughts ran through my head, and when I got to his room, with my flashlight, I asked what was wrong.
He said, he thought the hands on his (battery operated) clock looked like cat eyes (since it was pitch dark and all you could see were the tips of them glowing). It scared him. I said, no, the power is out and you just can't see as well as normal because the nightlights. Anyway, I had jumped up SO fast when he screamed that I felt like I was going to pass out. So, I headed back to bed. I did not pass out. To add, I'm not sure what is so scary about a cat.. but I guess the fact that it was in his room, or so he thought, is the scary part.
2 minutes later - he was freaked out to be in the pitch dark - so he came in my bed with me. I fell asleep - finally!
5:21 (what, like 15 minutes later???) the power comes back ON. Beeps and power 'noises' throughout the house. Clocks blinking, TiVO's 'churring', A/C running - I've decided it's much quieter without the electricity! Anyway, that was it. 5:21 - I had fallen asleep and gotten up way too many times for one night.... HA!
I THINK I fell asleep about 5:57... the alarm sounded at 6:00. Go figure.
Anyone wanna take bets on WHEN I fall asleep and HOW LONG I sleep tonight? Let's hope it's a better night than last. Last night was one of the worst in YEARS.

The prize?? Maia didn't wake up ONCE and I wasn't tired today?!??!? I don't ask how or why... I'll just accept it. :)
There - now if THAT story didn't put you to bed, I don't know what will! HA!


Judy said...

It could only happen to you, Kristen! Sleep tight, sweet dreams tonight!

Kim said...

Hilarious! Hope you crashed in the bed after posting that one! Your fly story sounds like us when a lizard gets in our house. I can't stand them- even the tiny ones! The power going out is a pain to- that happens here ALL the time and Jim works for the power company! No special treatment here. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica and Chris said...

well it definitely didn't make me fall asleep! i thought it was so funny! it reminded me of the light in your room while in Kaz! wasn't it a lamp or something? i can't remember now!

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Wait wait wait, did you kill the bug?? That would be enough to set me off for the entire night. Yuck! Hoping you got some rest!

Jennifer M said...

Wow! You are so lucky. I would be sick the whole next day if that happened to me! I hope the next night was way better!