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Friday, July 25, 2008

A real conversation!!

well, i wasn't expecting this so soon, but maia totally communicated with me tonight - like a real conversation.

first, we were in the driveway getting home from work chatting with my neighbor. i was wearing my sunglasses and when maia got antsy, i picked her up (so i could talk longer, of course!!) as i held her, she stared at my (sun)glasses... i could see her out of the corner of my eye as i continued to talk and she watched me. finally, i had to shift her weight a little and i looked straight at her... she tilted her head a little as she looked at me and said, "gasses". i said, yes, they are glasses. we did this about 10 times, then i slid them down a little, and batted my eyes at her and said "eyes" and then put my sunglasses back on. then she studied harder and harder and said "ice", and i said "yes, those are my eyes". one funny part was, she knows i don't let her touch my glasses - it's already a crying shame what i spend on these things, no one best touch them! she has learned that (fairly well) already. so she kept looking hard and not touching. then she hesitantly was using her finger and wanted 'a little touch'. i said, 'no touch' and she pulled her hand away and said "gasses". aw, so cute!!

then she ate dinner and we had a movie night - she watched some winnie the pooh. (i'm so happy i found these on dvd this week - i've been watching matthew's old videos and was ready to find the CLASSIC Pooh's on dvd... All 3 I wanted on one dvd, awesome!) anyway, i digress. after the movie, it was bedtime. she only took a one hour nap and she was falling asleep during dinner in her high chair... so, as i picked her up and said it was time to get ready for bed... she said (You ready for this?!?!) "Bath". I said, "What??" She said "Bath". well, i thought i was making it up in my head, so i put her down and said "show me what you want." so she took my hand and led me to her bathroom and hit the door with her hand (we keep it closed because otherwise she's be in the toilet playing 24/7) and when she hit the door she said "Bath". so, by now i figure i'm right, and i said, "you want to take a bath?" and she smiled SO BIG and got SO EXCITED. i was tired and being lazy and hadn't wanted to give her a bath, but how could i resist THAT?? our first conversation/communication... AWESOME!!

so, she took her bath - and at the end, i said, "ok, all done". she stood up and signed "milk". MAN, does she know what she wants?? so, we got her dried off and in her jammies and had her night-night milk. What a cool night! she told me exactly what she wanted, and i totally understood! so neat!! so tonight, i'd say she used 3 more words, in the right context, and i understood them. eyes, glasses and bath. she has said eyes before, but only once or twice and i wasn't convinced she knew what she was talking about. this time i am sure!!

such a sweet night. i just love when children are learning to talk!! it's so cool.

OH! the other adorable thing (well, not if you had to listen, but...) was she was making all sorts of loud noise when i was getting her in her jammies.... ok, she was yelling (just to hear herself i think).... so i started doing it too... we were both 'screaming' and she thought it was hysterical. so, we did this five or six times and then i was teaching her about LOUD and quiet. She is learning those in a book too... anyway, we've got the LOUD part down just fine, and when i said quiet.... she put her finger to her lips and said, "sshhhhh". oh, melts my heart. so cute.

does anyone have thoughts about journaling?? well, i can't say i'm great at it, in fact this blog is about as close as i get... so hopefully it is here forever... but if ever you are journaling or having thoughts about how hard some things are, or how bad the kids are being one day, be sure you write down the good days, and these wonderful special moments too, because of course, every day with your family and children are good days... but these special ones with special memories make all the normal, every day stuff SO worth it! and to think, this morning i was 'sad' because i had a migraine, and now, the day is ending with such a smile on my face and special memories with maia! yeah!
i spoke with matthew today - he went deep sea fishing with my dad. they had a great day! they caught 30 fish (kept 4) and had such fun! matthew said he cleaned the fish and they cooked it for dinner. he said the fish stunk really bad! what he meant was... the insides, yuck!! i'll need to talk to mom to see how much CLEANING he really did... i'm sure she'll have another story... LOL. he had a good time though - last year they went on the same boat and caught nothing, so today was a real treat!

yesterday was a BIG DAY for my niece marie... she lost her first tooth!!!! she has been waiting and waiting for this tooth to come out - she was SOOOOO excited! here she is:

ok, now to really top things off... i'm going to watch one of my favorite episodes of friends! love that show! i finished the book i was reading last night and haven't started a new one yet, so it'll be a tube night... haven't done that in a long time.

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Kim said...

Maia sounds so precious. We are enjoying some of those same 1st words and many jabbering sessions of who knows what she's saying!
And baby signing is awesome. I was never a believer in it since we didn't do it with Drew but it is helping! She will stop crying for something and sign for it- What a relief! oh I just sent our 6mos placement report today! Have a great weekend!