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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A week in July

I'm not sure there is anything of major importance to dicsuss, but I'll see what I come up with... I started feeling better the middle of last week - that was great. You know when you are sick and you kinda forget what it's like to feel normal? Or to swallow without grimacing? It was nice when that pain subsided.

My parents arrived on Saturday for a visit. My brother visited on Sunday as well. My mom made 'my request' for a birthday dinner - DELISH! And for dessert, it was so cute! She got little ice cream sandwich type things, (called Skinny Cow's - what a name, makes you really feel good about yourself... LOL.) Anyway, she got three different flavors and arranged them like a pyramid. A great option from a birthday cake that we would never finish up. I love ice cream, so these were perfect. We even all test tasted multiple flavors... as if we didn't know what mint, or chocolate might taste like! LOL. It was fun.

It was rather brutally hot this weekend - not even fun for me. Too hot with too much humidity to go outside and enjoy it whatsoever. Finally, the temps have changed a little today and it's more comfortable now. Of course, we are about to get a HUGE thunderstorm... so I hope I don't lose my power (Again!!) and lose this post... :)

Maia is doing SO WELL. She is really starting to talk and if not really talking, then mimic. This may sound terrible, but I'll tell you anyway (as we say it in love and as a joke... not meanly!!) She tripped the other day and I said, "Klutz!" She mimicked me, intonation and all, and said, "Kutz!" Too cute. (I say that to take her mind OFF the falling... I'm really not being cruel.) :) She says diaper, juice, eyes, bye bye, night night (sort of), she's even saying something for Maia now. It's just so cute!! I love hearing little ones talk - one of my favorite things when they start talking!! She's doing very well in day care. I must say, I don't love her classroom - the teachers are too young and uninvolved, and more in to 'them', but she will only be in this class another month and then she transitions to the 2 year old room - so hopefully that will have a better set of teachers like I was accustomed to with Matthew - those that spoke to the parents and talked about the kids when you got there... I want to know what she really did today - not "She was fine". Anyway - if she were going to be in there longer, I would have to say something, but.... for now, I'll just vent here!

Question for you all.... Does anyone have an iPhone? Does anyone have Verizon's version of the iPhone? (I think it's called the LG Dare.) I would like an iPhone, but have Verizon and would just as soon stick with Verizon, but am not sure I'd like that phone enough to get it. Anyone?? Heard anything about these?

Matthew is with my parents this week. I am not only missing him, but jealous. I wish I were at the beach too!! I'll go for 4 days at the end of August... so at least I have one trip to look forward to this summer! I hope Matthew has a blast. They plan to fish, and go to the aquarium, and the Outer Banks for a day, and just hang out. Oh, so jealous.

Maia likes to escape. She was in her high chair and since she couldn't get out of her chair... we think she was trying to get out of her shirt... take a look:

I call her Houdini....

I also call her a monkey... she climbs on anything and everything. She's pretty good at it too!

There is a whole series of these, but.... I'll spare you for now... :)

If anyone knows anything, good or bad about the phones... let me know! Thanks!

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Jennifer M said...

I hope it cools off for you guys! Thats so funny about the shirt. Gigi does something very similar. Silly girls!

I don't know anything about the phones- sorry.

The pictures are great. I'm always amazed at how tan she is! How nice!