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Saturday, July 12, 2008

testing a layout...

my line breaks are not working well. it is bugging me. i am typing this junk in here to see why when i hit a return, no space goes between my paragraphs... it used to, so i'm not sure what happened there.

i am sick. i don't like being sick. it is really a bummer!! today is beautiful and it would have been a great day for the pool, but that didn't happen. i spent some of it in the urgent care getting meds for what turned out to be an ear infection. lovely. i have gone between chills and sweating profusely yesterday and today.

i'm hoping tomorrow will start looking up. i really don't want to spend my whole weekend being sick. that stinks!! especially in the summer!! (and tomorrow is my birthday, which would make it all the worse.) I just want to feel better.

OK, so I have typed this in with line breaks after each paragraph. Lets' see if it will POST that way!! Happy Saturday everyone!

I think I finally fixed it! Let's hope... it's bugging me that there were never breaks after each paragraph!


Kim said...

Happy early birthday to you! Sorry you are sick. Chills and fever are no fun for sure. Hope you feel 100% better tomorrow.

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday Kristen,
I hope you get to feeling better so you can enjoy your day.


Anais said...

Thanks for writing this.