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Monday, November 5, 2007

Another day of 'updates'

Well, today I called the adoption agency, as I said on Saturday I would be doing. I did make up my mind (let's hope I 'read' God's mind right too!! LOL.) Anyway, I called to tell them I have decided girl! Since i had to decide one or the other, I have decided that is my wish. I still wish I didn't have to PICK, but since I did.... then... I did! (Of course I'll still say if either meant 50/50 that would be fine, but it doesn't mean that anymore.) Anyway, let's not go THERE again...

I'm not real sure how well that went over when I told them. I mean, the agency doesn't care, but now they are worried that in some Eastern European places may think I don't have a 'good reason' for changing my mind. (Remember, I chose either, they are the ones that said either is boy only.) So, I may be in for some paperwork, which I knew. It may take longer, which I knew... so I'll give them what they want and hope they don't throw any other curve balls along the way. I won't like curve balls. (Like if they decide to be all Eastern European and just say, too bad, you said either first, now you get a boy.)

What I don't like is that it makes it sound like I don't like boys. I love boys! But when pushed to make a choice, I have a boy and would love a girl.

The extra waiting is really a blessing right now, actually. Matthew needs the extra time with me right now, so I am thrilled about that part, quite honestly. I'll be home for the holidays, another big bonus. It'll give me more time to save money... now if only I would actually DO that! There are really many pros and I can't think of many cons... I mean, waiting, but in the long run, what difference does that really make? I mean, Matthew will still be in College when this baby starts kindergarten. Does a couple extra months REALLY matter? I think not... And I think it will be a blessing to Matthew who is still adjusting to Junior High.

So, don't forget to vote. I'll leave both boys and girls names up there, since this could get all Eastern European - and I just like to see what others are picking. I only wish I knew who was voting for what. So far no one name has more than one vote... LOL.

Thanks for all your support. I appreciate the prayers too! For all you praying people, KEEP 'EM COMING! For those of you that don't... start praying! Pray for the process to go quickly (relative) and smoothly and that they'll accept my request for a baby girl. Thanks!

On a sad note... my friend Julie has been visiting her father (for over a month). He was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. She had some great time with him this last month, is even grateful she got laid off from our company at the end of Sept. so that she had this time to spend with him!! (There is a silver lining in every dark cloud, that is for sure!!) However, he lost his battle with cancer yesterday. He is now out of pain and no longer suffering! However, the family is left to cope with his passing and prepare for the funeral - please keep them in your prayers as well. Thank you.


Jennifer M said...

Ok, I voted and I chose Meredith and Alexander. Meredith actually because I'm a fan of not-so-common names (probably because I'm a Jennifer). Ironically it has the most votes. :-( Goes to show how in touch I am with what's popular now. Also because Meredith just seems to "fit" with the beautiful Kazakh look with the dark hair and gorgeous eyes. IMO of course. :-)

And then I chose Alexander for a boy because I've always loved that name.

Jen & Marshall said...

Good for you for making a decision and sharing it. You have to do what is right for you! You seem to have a really great attitude about this whole process.