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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Patriots vs. Colts

Go Peyton Go!! Matthew and I are routing for the Colts... BIG TIME! These teams are both undefeated and we think the Pats are overrated, espeically Tom Brady. Someone has to win today... we're hoping it's the Colts! The Ravens don't play until Monday night this week... we play the Steelers... I don't have a great feeling about that one, but if we can beat them, then YEAH!

Matthew and I have had a great day. He is leaving in a bit to go to Pat's for the night. Tomorrow is a teacher work day (so is Tuesday.) He is spending the night tonight and spending the day with Stephanie and Evan tomorrow. Pat will bring him home tomorrow night, right before the Ravens game.

Daylight savings time ended today. It's getting dark, and it's just 5 p.m. Sad face.... But it wasn't dark when I woke up this morning, smiley face! it's been really hard to get out of bed recently because it's still dark when we LEAVE to take him to school!

OK - I'm not the only one, because I've read other about others already doing this too, AND I have an excuse.... but we decorated a little for Christmas this weekend. I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE thinking, and yes, I'm nuts... BUT all we did was the village, which isn't necessarily CHRISTMAS and that alone takes so long that if I don't get it up... it consumes a whole day later to get it out, set it up, clean up all the boxes, etc., so then I'd be ready to get 'more' out when it's actually time to decorate and all I'd get done is the village. Also, there is the possibility that I won't be around at Christmas, and I just can't miss that whole season... So I started early, just in case. So there, those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them!! It looks good - so far, no blown fuses!

Don't forget to vote for baby names!! I like seeing the votes! :)

50 days until Christmas. Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? (Or worse yet... any Christmas decorating?) I wish I could have a countdown to travel... unfortunately, that's an unknown... Ugh!

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Jennifer M said...

LOL! A woman after my own heart! :-) I will admit to playing Christmas music. And I was playing it before Halloween! (Gasp!) No Christmas shopping though. That actually takes effort and energy.